St. Mannox

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During the course of the campaign, you'll learn that a man named St. Mannox was buried in Nasrudin's tomb in the First Panarii Temple in Caladon. When you tell First Acolyte Alexander the news, he'll charge you with finding out what happened, but you won't receive a quest in your journal. Still, determining the answer gives one of the nicer rewards in the game, and it is required for finding the Iron Clan.

The most important thing you need to do in this quest is look at the lid to Nasrudin's sarcophagus (beneath the First Panarii Temple). You'll find a sketch of a broken ring and a couple words written on it with blood. When you ask temple historian Gunther Willhelm about the words, he'll translate them for you: "opposite" and "truth."

The broken ring is the Ring of Brodgar in Roseborough. Also in Roseborough (next to the inn) is a stone that used to reside in the center of the ring. The stone has some directions, and the directions send you generally east and southeast. However, if you go in the opposite direction (following the coast west of Roseborough) you'll find a metal wheel. When you click on the wheel, you'll automatically use the password "truth," and the wheel will move to reveal an opening. The opening leads to St. Mannox's Cave.

Inside the cave you'll find St. Mannox's sword and journal. The journal explains how an elf named K'an Hua corrupted the Panarii religion and then conspired to kill Mannox (if you've been playing a good-aligned character, then it might not be clear, but K'an Hua is the high priest of the temple). When you relate this news to First Acolyte Alexander, you'll earn a fate point. When you tell Hadrian, he'll let you have the three objects on display in his room. The Finger of Mannox is a useful necklace and the glass key is required for the Iron Clan quest. The Eye of Kraka-tur might let you recruit Kraka-tur later.

Note: If you joined the dark elves, then you shouldn't tell Alexander what you found (since it betrays the dark elves). If you do, K'an Hua will show up and banish you to the Void.




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