Falcon's Ache

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1 - Starting Position

2 - William Bench and the Surveyors

These are the troublesome humans Raven at Qintarra might have told you about. There are two ways to get rid of them:

a) Persuasion. You might be able to convince the surveyors that you work for Gilbert Bates. Don't challenge the surveyors about maps; instead say that Bates is contesting the ownership of the land they're on. They won't want to upset Bates, and they'll agree to leave (they'll disappear when you exit the area). Then you'll earn 6400 experience.

b) Violence. Remember, this is elven holy ground, and whoever sheds blood here is punished by the gods. So tell all of your followers to wait somewhere nearby (such as the altar to Ter'el), go to the options menu and turn off "auto attack," and then talk to William Bench. Once diplomacy fails, talk to him a second time and insult him every chance you get. Eventually he and his fellows will attack you, and once one of them lands a blow they'll all be killed.

3 - Altar to Ter'el (under the canopy)

This is a part of the Ancient Gods quest. If you're interested in receiving the final blessing, this is the altar you should make an offering to first. Ter'el wants Li'tani, which you can find in Ashbury.




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