Stringy Pete's Cove

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1 - Starting Point

2 - Dinghy

Clicking on the dinghy will transport you between the mainland and Stringy Pete's island.

3 - Stringy Pete

Pete will only be here if you've learned about him while looking for a way to reach Thanatos. He'll give you three quests, and if you perform them all, he'll give you his ship (see "Sailing to Thanatos" in the Other Quests section).

Pete is wearing an arcane shield, an arcane helmet, and an arcane sword. However, if you attack him to get his loot, five level 45 pirate skeletons will appear and, combined with Pete, probably beat you to a pulp. This is potentially the most difficult battle in the game, so if you can't kill Pete, don't worry about it.

4 - Stringy Pete's Ship

Once you complete Stringy Pete's quests, you'll be able to use his ship to sail to Thanatos.




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