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Apprentice Training:
  • Jongle Dunne (Shrouded Hills)
  • Raymond Pierce (Ashbury)
Expert Training:
  • Madam Lil (Tarant)
Master Training:
  • Edward Willoughsby (Tarant)
To become a persuasion master, you'll first have to wait for Willoughsby to get to his office in City Hall in Tarant. That will happen after you've visited Qintarra, and after you've spoken to him at his home in Tarant. Then when you ask Willoughsby about his job and about Caladon, he'll send you on a diplomatic mission to Caladon to negotiate a treaty. He'll also give you a dossier outlining the ten terms of the treaty.

When you leave Willoughsby's office, you'll be approached by a man named Heinrich Jenks. He'll try to convince you that the treaty between Caladon and Tarant is a bad idea, and that you could prevent it from happening by assassinating King Farad of Caladon. Even though such an act would earn you 20,000 gold and a fate point, it would also turn all of Caladon against you, and it would prevent you from becoming a persuasion master, so it's best to be avoided.

In Caladon you'll find a man named Renard standing in front of the palace. Talk to him (it's required) to learn how the negotiations will take place, and that many people might try to bribe you. Inside the palace you'll find ten people lined up. They're the lobbyists who will try to bribe you, and they're best to be avoided (doing what they ask will only gain you some gold, and might prevent you from becoming a persuasion master).

At the end of the hall you'll see some people standing next to a podium. Save your game here and then click on the podium to start the negotiations. The ten questions you'll be asked will come straight from the dossier Willoughsby gave you, and your answers will need to be better than the ones recommended in the dossier to get a treaty Willoughsby will be happy with (he needs to be happy to train you as a persuasion master).

Assuming you didn't agree to take money from any of the lobbyists, then the first answer to the questions in the negotiations will always be the one best for Tarant, and the second answer will always be the one recommended by the dossier. If you have at least 19 charisma, then you can give the first answer each time. That will make Willoughsby thrilled, and you'll earn 8500 experience and 11000 gold, plus be named Honorary Ambassador to Tarant. If you have 18 charisma or (somehow) less, then you'll need to take a more moderate approach, and sometimes take the dossier-recommended answer, and sometimes take one better for Tarant. As long as Willoughsby likes the agreement, you'll earn 8500 experience and 7000 gold. Either way Willoughsby should also train you to be a persuasion master.




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