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Apprentice Training:
  • Grunwalde (Black Root)
  • Most town guards
  • Theo Brightstart (Ashbury)
Expert Training:
  • Lianna Pel Dar (Dernholm)
  • Theo Brightstart (Ashbury)
Master Training:
  • Clarissa Shalmo (Black Root)
Shalmo will tell you that she's heard of a wonderful new weapon called Azram's Star but that her current contract doesn't allow her to go out in search of it. So of course she'll ask you to find it for her, and she'll mark its location, K'na Tha, on your world map.

Retrieving Azram's Star from K'na Tha involves a lot of throwing weapons at torches, but once you find it and bring it to Shlamo she'll train you to be a master of throwing and you'll earn 4600 experience. If you want to keep the star, you'll have to rob or kill Shalmo to get it back.




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