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Apprentice Training:
  • Most town guards
Expert Training:
  • Herkemer Oggdoddler (Black Root)
Master Training:
  • Adkin Chambers (Stillwater)
The melee mastery quest and the dodge mastery quest are related. By talking to Sir Garrick Stout (the Melee Master) and Adkin Chambers (the Dodge Master) you'll learn that the two dueled each other over a woman named Druella, and that Stout intentionally blinded Chambers in the process.

For the dodge mastery quest, Chambers will ask you to kill Stout and bring back his eyes. You can find Stout in Dernholm. If you also want to be a Melee Master, then obviously you should do Stout's quest before killing him. If, in the process, you rescue Druella and acquire a potion to cure blindness, then you can bring Druella and Chambers back together. For that to happen you'll just need to take the potion to Chambers (worth 6400 experience plus a big boost to your alignment), and then the couple will move to Roseborough.

Note: If you killed Stout before meeting Chambers, then you won't receive Stout's eyes, but Chambers will believe you did the deed anyway.




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