Vendigroth Ruins, Levels 1-2

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Area Note

The exits in the area are through vents in the walls.

1 - Container with Submarine Newspaper

The two newspapers give information about a submersible watercraft, and how it was launched but never returned. It's the same craft you might have found crashed on the Isle of Despair.

2 - Vendigroth Key #1

It's just sitting on the ground. If you don't see it, check your companions. It opens the door right next to it.

3 - Container with Arronax Newspaper

The newspapers on this and lower levels give some background about Arronax and his fight with Vendigroth.

4 - Vendigroth Key #2

As with key #1, it's just lying on the ground. It unlocks the door next to Exit D.

5 - Vivifier Schematic

The vivifier permanently increases all of your attributes by 1, so keep any eye out for its components. One component can be found on this level (#6). The other is on level 4.

6 - Elixir of Physical Prowess


A. Exit back to the surface.
B. Exit between levels 1 and 2.
C. Passage.
D. Exit to level 3.




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