Vendigroth Ruins, Levels 3-4

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1 - Vendigroth Key #3

2 - Velorien's Altar

This is the final altar for the Ancient Gods quest. If you've completed the other offerings in the quest, then by standing on the altar (that is, by offering yourself) you'll receive Velorien's blessing. If you're not working on the Ancient Gods quest, then don't stand on the altar. You'll die.

3 - Vendigroth Key #4

The key unlocks the door leading to Exit E. The container also has another Arronax newspaper.

4 - Vendigroth Device

Once you've picked up the Device, you'll need to travel to the Ring of Brodgar in Roseborough to meet up with either Nasrudin or K'an Hua and be banished to the Void.

5 - Unknown Chemical Compound

It's a component of the vivifier.


A. Exit back to level 2.
B. Passage.
C. Passage.
D. Exit between levels 3 and 4.
E. Staircase.




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