Dernholm Dungeon

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Area Note

There are a few "disarm" traps in the dungeon (which cause you to drop your weapon), so keep a careful eye on your inventory.

1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll find yourself if you entered the dungeon through the pit. The door here doesn't lead anywhere, so there isn't any point unlocking it or bashing it down.

2 - Tollo Underhill

Unlike most of the people in the dungeon, Tollo will actually talk to you. He can even be useful since he'll offer you a map of Vendigroth if you rescue him. Plus, after you get him out of the dungeon, you can shame him into staying with your party. Tollo is a level 25 halfling thief, but he only has 5 strength and no skill with firearms, and so he's sort of limited in the weapons he can use.

3 - Small Mithril Chainmail

It's sitting in a junk pile.


A. Exit to the world map.




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