Spot Traps
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Apprentice Training:
  • Most town guards
  • Thieves (if member of the Thieves Underground)
  • Vollinger (Dernholm)
Expert Training:
  • Herkemer Oggdoddler (Black Root)
  • Vegard Molten Flow (Wheel Clan)
Master Training:
  • Frederick T. Fitzgerald (Tarant)
Fitzgerald will demand that you prove yourself before he trains you, and to do that you'll have to go to the Castle S'nel N'fa and acquire the Staff of K'an T'au. Fitzgerald will mark the location of the castle on your world map.

Not surprisingly, the castle is full of traps. You can avoid them, disarm them, or blunder right through them if you want. At the end you'll have to face K'an T'au, but he's only level 35 and shouldn't be too difficult to kill. His staff is in the nearby chest.

When you return to Fitzgerald, you can give him the staff or not. But if you decide to keep it, he'll attack you, and that will probably draw the attention of the Tarant city guards.




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