The Void, Outer Plains

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Area Note

You'll face a bunch of void lizards in the first level. Picking up a void animal carcass from one might prove useful later.

1 - Starting Point

You can't leave the Void once you enter it, so be sure you've done everything you want to do in Arcanum before you come in. However, you don't need to be level 50 yet. You'll find lots of things to kill in the Void.

2 - Teleporter Destination

This is where you'll end up when you're teleported to the level.

3 - Door Guards

When you approach the guards, one will stop you and ask you your business. It doesn't matter what you say; the guards will let you pass through the door.

4 - Arronax

You'll find Arronax surrounded by a green protective shell. When you talk to him, you'll learn that he's been trapped in the shell for over 2000 years, and that it must be Kerghan who is planning to return from the Void. Arronax will offer to help you stop Kerghan, provided you can free him. However, he won't know how that can be accomplished, only that Kerghan probably isn't maintaining the shell himself.

To free Arronax, you'll have to kill the spirit snake at the door to the cell (#3). That will destroy the protective shell around him and allow him to join your party. Arronax is level 50, but he has 55 character points left unspent, and so he isn't a very good follower. He doesn't appear to wear equipment, either. About the only reason to take Arronax into your party is if you want to talk your way past Kerghan at the end, since Arronax is required for that.


A. One-way teleporter to level 1.
B. One-way teleporter to level 2.
C. Stairs between levels 2 and 3.
D. One-way teleporter to level 4.
E. One-way teleporter to the Void, Exiles.
F. One-way teleporter to level 5.
G. Entrance to the Void, Inner Lair. You'll have to kill the guards at the door in order to go inside.




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