Disarm Traps
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Apprentice Training:
  • Blacksmiths
  • Junk Dealers
Expert Training:
  • Adam Maxwell (Caladon)
  • Jason C. Guy (Roseborough)
  • Thrayne Iron Heart (Wheel Clan)
Master Training:
  • Daniel McPherson (Caladon)
When you talk to McPherson, he'll tell you that he's too busy to train you himself, but he'll allow you to use the trap maze in his basement. If you can navigate the entire maze then he'll make you a master. The trapdoor to the maze is in the back of his house.

There isn't anything too interesting about the trap maze. In fact, you might be able to simply climb back up the ladder and receive your master training without exploring the maze at all. But if you want to be thorough, make your way through the area, either disarming or blundering through traps as you go. When you return to McPherson, not only will he make you a Disarm Traps Master, he'll give you trapmaker's spectacles (+2 PE, +2 DX), which are pretty good.




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