Iron Clan
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The quest to find the Iron Clan is first triggered by talking to Erick Obsidian at the Wheel Clan. He'll give you a schematic for a key that unlocks a "Place of Iron." The key requires mithril (available at the Wheel Clan) and a heartstone (found at the Bedokaan Village), and you can create it even if you don't have any technological aptitude.

Once you've created the key, you can use it to open the safe in the Zoological Society building in Tarant. (You can also just a use a fate point to pick open the safe and skip talking to Erick Obsidian completely.) Inside the safe you'll find a map to "The Place of Lost Voices" and three ancient iron drums. Notice that the drums have symbols carved into them.

When you get to the Place of Lost Voices, you'll find a machine with three slots in its face. The drums go in the slots, but you'll have to insert them in the correct order: book, key, symbol. (Use the drums on the machine. Once again, using your hotkey slots might be the easiest way to do it.) If you insert the drums in the wrong order, you'll be attacked by iron arachnids. But every time you place a drum correctly, it will attach itself to the machine (otherwise it will just stay in your inventory), and so it's easy to insert the drums through trial and error. Once you have the drums in place, the machine will play a recording: "Listen well to the words passed down from the Iron Clan. Find the Book of Durin's Truth, for within its pages lies the key that you seek."

You can find the Book of Durin's Truth at the Misk Residence in Caladon. If you went through the business at the Place of Lost Voices, then you can explain to Lillian Misk why you need the book, and she'll sell it to you for 2000 (or 1250) gold. If you skipped the Place of Lost Voices (since it isn't actually necessary), then you'll have to steal the book from Mrs. Misk. This isn't too difficult since she's carrying the key to the display case. Once you have the book, reading it will mark the Secret Entrance to the Iron Clan on your world map.

At the secret entrance you'll find an ancient iron device. Use the glass key from Hadrian's collection in the First Panarii Temple (you'll have to solve the mystery of St. Mannox first) on the device, and it will open a doorway leading underground.

The underground area is the home of the Iron Clan. If you have Magnus with you, you'll earn a fate point when he realizes the Iron Clan is his lost clan. If you have Loghaire with you as well, then Loghaire and Magnus will have a conversation, and Loghaire will put Magnus in charge of the Iron Clan.

In the second room of the clan home you'll have to fight some mechanical guardians, but you'll also find some iron clan armor, an iron clan hammer, and the Durin Stone. Giving the Durin Stone to Erick Obsidian at the Wheel Clan is worth 6400 experience.




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