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Apprentice Training:
  • Ronald Langley (Tarant, Bridesdale Inn)
  • Some bar patrons
Expert Training:
  • Most bartenders
Master Training:
  • Gurin Rockharrow (Tarant, Wellington Gentlemen's Club)
To gain gambling mastery, you'll have to play Rockharrow at Gentlemen's Dice (aka craps). You must have at least 5000 gold to play him, and you'll have to bet at least 1000 gold per turn. Fortunately, it doesn't matter how much gold you win or lose (so it doesn't really matter how good or bad you are at the game, or if you even understand it); it only matters how many times you win. Once you've won enough times, Rockharrow will train you to be a master. If you've lost money during the gambling, you can rob or kill Rockharrow to get it back. You might want to rob or kill him anyway, because there is something wrong with the game's bookkeeping, and Rockharrow will end up with much more gold than he should have.




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