Sailing to Thanatos
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If you're playing a good-aligned character, eventually you'll need to sail to Thanatos to find out what might have happened to Nasrudin. However, if you talk to most sea captains, they'll refuse to take you there and instead direct you to the "desperate fools" in Black Root.

In Black Root you'll discover three ways to get to Thanatos:

1. At the docks you can talk to the ship builder and buy a ship for 50,000 (or 25,000) gold. If that price seems too steep, you can kill the shipbuilder after you pay for the ship and get your money back. Then you can use the ship to sail to Thanatos.

2. You'll find Edward Teach in the Sour Barnacle. He'll tell you how he lost his ship to Killian Drake (also in the bar). If you're a master gambler, then you can gamble with Drake to get Teach's ship back, and then Teach will take you to Thanatos.

3. You can deal with Stringy Pete. By talking to Teach, or by getting the old pirate Salty Seadrick drunk and then stealing his map, you'll find the location where you can meet Stringy Pete. Of course, Pete won't simply let you have his ship. He'll give you three quests to perform:

a) Give Pete's treasure to the Williamsons. Pete will mark the location of the treasure and the Williamsons on your world map. All you'll have to do is dig up the treasure (using a shovel) and then deliver it to Molly Williamson.

b) Restore the altar at Vooriden. This quest is available even before meeting Pete. If you haven't done it yet, all you'll have to do is carry a big rock from Torin Quarry to Vooriden, and then talk to the priest next to the altar.

c) Destroy the Bangellian Scourge. The Scourge is located in the Bangellian Deeps, which Pete will mark on your map. To destroy the Scourge, work your way through the tunnels in the Deeps until you find it, and then put it into the nearby furnace.

Note: In early versions of the game, Stringy Pete's quests would often break, but they should all work in the latest version of the game.

Once you complete the three quests, just return to Stringy Pete and talk to him. He'll give you his boat and disappear. Then you can use the boat (click on the helm) to travel to Thanatos.




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