The Void, Exiles

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1 - Teleporter Destination

This is where you'll end up when you're teleported to the level.

2 - Gorgoth

Gorgoth will tell you that he needs food. If you have a void animal carcass (found on the void lizards in the area, including those right next to Gorgoth) and give it to him, then Gorgoth will join you to fight Kerghan.

3 - Altar

You'll find Kryggird's Falchion inside.

4 - Kraka-tur

Kraka-tur will join your party if you're evil or charismatic, provided you do something for him. You can give him back his journal (found in the Lair of Bellerogrim), or you can convince him you'll tell him how to leave the Void. Having his eye (found in Hadrian's collection at the First Panarii Temple) might help as well. Kraka-tur is level 45, has over 300 hit points, and is trained in both melee and dodge, so he's a useful character to have around.

5 - Bane of Kree

He'll join you to face Kerghan just for the glory of the battle. If you don't want him in your party, you might want to let him join briefly anyway (or attack him) to get the sword he's wielding -- Torian Kel's ancestral sword. It's one of the best weapons in the game. If Torien Kel is with you, he'll ask for his sword back, but nothing will happen if you don't give it to him.


A. One-way teleporter to level 2.
B. One-way teleporter to level 3.
C. Exit between level 2 and the Void Cave.
D. One-way teleporter to level 4.
E. One-way teleporter to level 5.
F. One-way teleporter to level 6.
G. One-way teleporter to the Void, Outer Plains.




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