The Bedokaan Village

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1 - Pit

There is an elf villager stuck in the pit. This is the elf Winde at Qintarra might have asked you to rescue. There are a couple ways to rescue the elf:

a) You can steal the vine rope from the Bedokaan villager (#2) and kill the two lizard guards next to the pit (one green, one red). Then when you talk to the elf villager, you'll be able to free him.

b) You can deal with the poachers for Kan Kerai (#6). When you do that the elf villager will automatically leave the pit.

To complete the rescue, you'll have to talk to the elf villager while he's standing outside the pit. That will cause him to head back to Qintarra.

2 - Bedokaan Villager

The villager is carrying vine rope, which you can use to rescue the elf villager in the pit (#1). You can find more rope on the lizard guard next to Kan Kerai (#6) and in the locked chest next to Kan Kerai.

3 - Waromon

If you handle Kan Kerai's quest diplomatically, Waromon might become available to join your group.

4 - Altar to Makaal

This altar is part of the Ancient Gods quest.

5 - Heartstone

It's just lying on the ground, but since it's blue, it's relatively easy to spot. You can find at least two more in the village: one north of Kan Kerai (#6), and one southeast of Kan Kerai.

6 - Kan Kerai

Kan Kerai is the Bedokaan Chieftain. When you talk to him, you'll learn that poachers have been killing the Bedokaan lizards for their skins, and that the chieftain considers all warm bloods to be the same. That's why he captured the elf villager (#1), because he considered him to be just like the poachers.

You'll have two ways to deal with the poachers. If you have at least three ranks of persuasion, you can convince the chieftain that not all warm bloods are the same, and that only the poachers are evil. Then, presumably, the lizards will deal with the poachers themselves. If you go on to tell Kan Kerai your story, he'll offer you the services of Waromon (#3).

If you're not persuasive enough, then you can offer to kill the poachers for the lizards, and Kan Kerai will mark the Poacher's Camp on your world map. You might want to take this option regardless, especially if you use guns, because the poachers will only appear if you agree to kill them, and they'll have lots of guns and bullets. You'll also receive 2000 experience when you return to Kan Kerai after completing the deed.

Regardless of the method you use, once you've handled the problem, the elf villager will go free.




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