Black Mountain Mines, Levels 1-2

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1 - Ore Golem / Rock Sprite

If you attack an ore golem or a rock sprite with most melee weapons, you'll damage the weapon. So you're better off using ranged weapons, spells, or your bare hands to kill them.

2 - Seething Mass

Seething masses are just like ore golems, except they'll also damage your armor if they hit you. So plan ahead and remove your armor first.

3 - Dead Thief

On his corpse you'll find a couple scrolls and another note from "G.L."

4 - Forge

There are three barrels in the forge. In them you'll find mechanized gauntlets, eye gear, and a schematic for the pyrotechnic bow.


A. Exit to the world map.
B. Exit between level 1 and level 2.
C. Exit to level 3.
D. Exit to level 4.




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