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Apprentice Training:
  • Gypsies
  • Theo Brightstart (Ashbury)
  • Thieves (if member of the Thieves Underground)
  • Vollinger (Dernholm)
Expert Training:
  • Elite bow captain (Dernholm)
  • Thief fences (if member of the Thieves Underground)
Master Training:
  • Albert Leek (Caladon, Sobbing Onion)
The mastery quest involves finding the master. When you receive your expert training, the trainer will give you a note. The note reads, in part, "A room with no windows, no floor and no roof / The number 4 is where you will find proof." In other words, you'll need to head to the Mushroom Inn in Caladon to find the next clue. It's in room 4, lying on the ground.

The second clue reads, "Look closely near the beast with four legs but one foot / Enhance your gift of sight to make old paintings new and bright." The first line refers to the bed in the room. When you click on it you'll find a pair of eyeglasses. Then when you put on the eyeglasses and look at the painting on the wall, A Mysterious Location will show up on your world map.

At the mysterious location you'll find a bunch of brute fangs wandering around. Depending on your level, you can either just fight them for the experience or sneak past them using the prowling skill. But, in general, your goal is to move northeast to find a hollow tree stump. Inside the stump you'll find the third clue. It reads, "Here is a note whose secrets shine bright when viewed beside The Mushroom's bright firelight."

So head back to the Mushroom Inn and stand next to the fireplace in the main room. When you read the note while standing there, you'll see different text. This time you'll find out that the name of the prowling master is Albert Leek, and you'll receive one last clue: "Use a knife to slice my head / Weep beside me when I am dead." That is, you can find Albert Leek at the Sobbing Onion in Caladon.

Leek will be standing next to the bar, but he'll only be labeled as a "half elf city dweller." When you talk to him he'll introduce himself as "A.L." but once you drink enough (or perhaps right away) you should recognize who he is. Then he'll train you once you have enough skill in prowling.

Note: It appears you don't actually have to find the prowling master clues at all. Once you become an expert you can head right to Leek and figure out who he is (but you'll probably have to drink more for recognition to take place).




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