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Temple of Tyr

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When you arrive at the crater of Melvaunt, you'll discover Priam and his army camped out front. Priam will tell you that the Melvaunt's Temple of Tyr is still intact, and that there's supposed to be an armory inside that he and his men could use. He'll then invite you to help him battle the "dark forces" who have taken over the temple. If you agree, then he'll join your party, and you'll enter the temple.

Note: Be sure to move Priam up in your party order (via encamp->alter->order) so he's with the frontline fighters.

Another Note: Some of Priam's fighters will also join you, but they'll only help you when you're on the Main Level or the Upper Level.

Upstairs in the temple, you'll run into a Vampire Cleric (#3), and after defeating him you'll find the description of a religious ritual that can create "a bright and clear place in the world even when all else is dark." That's your main objective for the temple, although looting the armory (#18) is a good idea, too.

To start the ritual, you'll have to make your way down to the Catacombs beneath the temple and enter Brimwulf's tomb (#14). Brimwulf's spirit will greet you there, and he'll invite you to take a pair of tests. You should agree to do this; if you don't then you'll have to fight Brimwulf. Completing the tests (at #16 and #17) will net you the Lamp of Vigilance when you reach the armory (#18). After picking up the lamp, any other step you take in the armory will allow you to loot Elfin Chain +3, a Hammer +4, a Helm +3, a Quarter Staff +4, a Two-Handed Sword +3, and a Wand of Lightning.

Next up, on the Upper Level of the temple, you'll need to light the four braziers in the corners (#4) and then ring the bell in the center (#6). This will complete the ritual and cleanse the temple. If Brimwulf and Laurellin are still around, then they'll also reunite and finally find peace together. For your reward, each character in your party will earn 25,000 xp.

With the temple cleansed, if you climb up into the bell tower (#6), then you'll see that the temple is now acting as a beacon, drawing soldiers and townspeople to it. And if you return to the main altar (#2), then you'll discover that Priam's uncle is the high priest of the temple and was drawn back by the light. If you return the temple's holy relics to him, then he'll perform temple actions on you for free.

1 - Lookout

When you enter the main part of the temple, a lookout will spot you and go sprinting upstairs to warn the Vampire Cleric (#3). If you pursue the lookout, then you'll surprise the Vampire Cleric, which will give your party the initiative in the ensuing battle.

2 - Tyr's Altar

You'll find a black hand painted on the altar here. You won't be able to remove the paint while the Vampire Cleric (#3) is still alive. When you do remove the paint, you'll receive Tyr's Blessing. Supposedly, this will give you -2 AC and -1 THAC0 while you're in the temple, but the boost won't show up on the character pages.

3 - Vampire Cleric

When you enter this room, you'll get attacked by three Banite Clerics, two Black Mages, 12 Swordsmen, and the Vampire Cleric who has been leading the assault on the temple. After defeating the enemies, you'll find 10 Arrows +3, a Potion of Invisibility, a Wand of Fireballs, 250 platinum, 6 gems, and 8 pieces of jewelry, and you'll also spot a piece of paper that you'll note as Journal Entry 11.

4 - Braziers

You'll only be able to light these braziers with the Lamp of Vigilance (#18).

5 - Office

This is a safe place to rest.

6 - Bell Tower

If you climb up to the top of the bell tower, then you'll find a dead boy. There isn't anything you can do for him. If you ring the bells, then a Banshee (aka Laurellin) will appear and tell you to stop. If you ring the bells two more times, then the Banshee will let out a shriek that will probably kill half of your party, and she and six Margoyles will attack whoever survives. You won't get much of a reward for this battle, and there's a better way to deal with the Banshee anyway (detailed in the area walkthrough above).

7 - Red Leather Book

At this spot you'll find the diary of the high priest of the temple. You'll record its contents as Journal Entry 65.

8 - Prayer and Study Cell

Inside this cell you'll find a book detailing the story of Brimwulf and Laurellin. You'll note down the story as Journal Entry 74.

9 - Temple Plunder

When you enter this room, you'll find some plunder from the temple already bundled up and ready to go. If you help yourself to it, then you'll find a Cloak of Protection +1, Boots, a Hammer +1, a Robe, and 500 platinum, but Tyr will judge you harshly, and he'll curse you. Supposedly, this curse will remove Tyr's Blessing (from #2) if you have it, and it will add +2 to your AC and THAC0 while you're in the temple. But just like Tyr's Blessing, nothing will show up in the character pages.

10 - Scared Man

In this corner you'll discover a scared man. If you slap him then he'll die. If you listen to his mumblings, then you'll hear nonsense about undead creatures.

11 - Preparation Room

When you enter this room, looters will rush in from the Catacombs, fleeing from something. If you attack them, then you'll start a battle against three Banite Clerics, three Black Mages, and six Swordsmen, but with their nerves shot, they'll probably flee after a round or two.

12 - Tombs

In three of these tombs the dead will talk to you:
  • "If you light them, he will come." This refers to Brimwulf and the braziers on the Upper Level (#4).

  • "The bell will bring her; he will take her." This refers to Laurellin, Brimwulf, and the bell tower on the Upper Level (#6).

  • "Pass the tests to find the light." This refers to Brimwulf's tests (#16 and #17).

13 - Desecrated Tomb

In this tomb you'll get attacked by five Neo-Otyughs. Afterwards, a spirit will thank you for cleansing his tomb, and he'll reward you with a Drow Long Sword +1, a Potion of Speed, and a Ring of Protection +4.

14 - Brimwulf's Tomb

In this tomb you'll have some options. If you "open coffin" and "brace for attack" then Brimwulf and ten Wraiths will attack you. Otherwise, no matter what you do, Brimwulf will demand that you be tested. If you agree, then he'll indicate that you should pass through the secret door in the back of his tomb. If you refuse, then Brimwulf and his Wraiths will attack you. You can still take the tests even if Brimwulf dies.

15 - Small Altar

On the altar here you'll find a cone of incense and a bowl of holy water. If you've read about the ritual (at #3), then you'll know to "light incense, then sip from bowl." If you do this, then the altar will glow warmly and you'll have an easier time in the tests ahead (#16, #17). If you choose the wrong option, then nothing will happen.

16 - First Test

If you started the ritual correctly (at #15), then you'll face a single Earth Elemental here. Otherwise you'll have to fight three. After the battle you'll find a bowl. You should pick it up. If you don't then you'll have to repeat the test to get it.

17 - Second Test

If you started the ritual correctly (at #15), then you'll face a single Fire Elemental here. Otherwise you'll have to fight three. After the battle the Spirit Flame will leap into your bowl (from #16). If you don't have the bowl, then you'll have to repeat both tests.

18 - Armory

If you passed both tests (#16 and #17), then when you enter the armory, the Spirit Flame will leap from your bowl into the lamp in the center of the room, forming the Lamp of Vigilance. After acquiring the lamp, any step you take inside the armory will allow you to loot Elfin Chain +3, a Hammer +4, a Helm +3, a Quarter Staff +4, a Two-Handed Sword +3, and a Wand of Lightning.

  1. Exit to the Realms Dimension.
  2. Stairs between the Main Level and the Upper Level.
  3. Stairs between the Main Level and the Cellar.
  4. Stairs between the Cellar and the Catacombs.