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Realms Dimension

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After witnessing Bane's invasion and talking to Elminster, you'll get deposited in the Realms Dimension (#1). Your goal here is to defeat Bane's four lieutenants: Gothmenes, Kalistes, Tanetal, and Thorne. This endeavor will take you the rest of the game, so don't worry about the objective too much and just go out and explore. Mulmaster (#19) and Zhentil Keep (#13) are towns where you can shop and train, and you can also train in the Hill Giant Steading (#10). The only temple around is the Temple of Tyr (#3), but you'll have to clear it out before you can use it.

Note: To move on the overland map, just use the arrow keys.

When you go through your first dimensional portal (aka pool of darkness) -- found in the Beholder Caves (#19), the Dragon Aerie (#11), Kalistes' Temple (#13), and the Red Tower (#16) -- you'll end up back in Limbo with Elminster. He'll explain that when you travel to an "outer dimension" (where Bane's lieutenants are located) your magical equipment will disappear, but he'll offer to hold onto things for you (essentially becoming your vault) when you decide to go through. The exception to this rule is Kalistes' Dimension, where magical drow items will survive the trip. You'll record your conversation with Elminster as Journal Entry 3. Elminster will also give you some equipment, including 20 Darts +4, a Ring of Protection from Evil, and a Sling +4.

Note: When you visit Elminster after defeating the drow in Kalistes' Temple, he'll warn you about Kalistes, and you'll record this information as Journal Entry 17. After defeating Kalistes and claiming her Crystal Ring, you'll record his response as Journal Entry 82. After defeating Thorne and claiming his Horn of Doom, you'll record his response as Journal Entry 47. After defeating Tanetal and claiming the Talisman of Bane, you'll record his words as Journal Entry 41.

Another Note: There are a few magical items that can survive the trip between dimensions. Most of these items are rings, including Rings of Blinking, Rings of Cold Resistance, Rings of Electrical Immunity, Rings of Fire Resistance, Rings of Protection from Evil, and Rings of Wizardry. You'll also be able to transport the Vorpal Long Sword (from Shal in the Red Tower, #16) safely.

For the most part you can explore the Realms Dimension in any order you want. You can also skip about half of the locations, but we wouldn't recommend it. You'll need all the xp and levels you can get for the end of the game. You'll find Kalistes in her dimension accessed via Zhentil Keep (#13). You'll find Tanetal in his dimension accessed via the Red Tower (#16). You'll find Thorne in his dimension accessed via the Hill Giant Steading (#10). You'll need to go after Gothmenes last, but you'll find him in Bane's Dimension accessed via Mulmaster (#19).

After defeating the lieutenants and winning the game, the Realms Dimension will revert to normal, and you'll be able to visit all of the cities that were only craters during Bane's invasion.

1 - Crater of Hulburg

This is where you'll start out in the dimension.

2 - Cave System

You'll find a narrow cave here that will lead to a series of tunnels. Please refer to the Cave System section for more information.

3 - Crater of Melvaunt

At this location you'll find a Temple of Tyr. Please refer to the Temple of Tyr section for more information.

4 - Large Farmhouse

Please refer to the Large Farmhouse section for more information.

5 - Taydome's Keep

Please refer to the Taydome's Keep section for more information.

6 - Small Stockade

If you enter the building on the eastern side of the stockade, then you'll meet Captain Dalas. He'll tell you that dragons have been raiding the stockade, and that he hasn't received any reinforcements since "the darkness came." He'll then ask you to help. If you agree, then dragons will take that moment to swoop in, and you'll have to fight four Black Dragons, three Blue Dragons, and two White Dragons.

The fight sounds like it should be tough, but you'll have the soldiers from the stockade helping you out, and you'll get to control them. So use the soldiers as cannon fodder while your party does the majority of the damage. Afterwards, you'll receive some xp, and the stockade will become a safe place for you to rest.

7 - Fortified Crossroads

Please refer to the Fortified Crossroads section for more information.

8 - Crater of Phlan

You won't be able to return to Phlan here. To get back to that city, you'll have to defeat Marcus in the Red Tower (#15), which will open the way to Phlan's new location.

9 - Small Farmyard

In the farmhouse here you'll meet a dying man. If you help him, then he'll tell you that he received his wounds at the Hill Giant Steading to the north (#10), and that "bad things" are happening there. If you don't help him, then he'll die.

10 - Hill Giant Steading

The Hill Giant Steading will give you access to the Fire Giant Cave and eventually the Dragon Aerie. Please refer to the Hill Giant Steading section for more information.

11 - Dragon Aerie

You'll only be able to detect the entrance to the aerie after clearing out the Hill Giant Steading and the Fire Giant Cave. See the Dragon Aerie section for more information.

12 - Small Keep

Please refer to the Small Keep section for more information.

13 - Zhentil Keep

Please refer to the Zhentil Keep section for more information.

14 - Small Group of Huts

At this location, a huntsman will sneak up behind you and ask you who holds your allegiance. If you answer "Phlan" or "no one," then he'll introduce himself as Elgin, and you'll record his story as Journal Entry 43. If you answer anything else, then he'll slash one of your characters for minor damage and flee.

15 - Ruins of Myth Drannor

Please refer to the Myth Drannor section for more information.

16 - Red Tower

When you reach the Red Tower, you'll see an "ominous scene," and you'll describe it in Journal Entry 99. The tower has 11 levels. Please refer to the Red Tower, Levels B-5, the Red Tower, Levels 6-8, or the Red Tower, Levels 9-11 for more information.

After defeating Marcus in the Red Tower, the tower will crumble, and in its place you'll find a rope leading up to Elminster in Limbo, and down to the buried version of Phlan.

17 - Wayhouse

You'll be able to rest in the wayhouse. In the southern room you'll meet the innkeeper's wife who will tell you Journal Entry 68. In the northern room you'll discover some dead Banite Priests, poisoned by the innkeeper.

18 - Small Village

You'll discover that the village is being attacked by Basilisks and a Beholder. Defeating these enemies will free the village and earn you some xp. In a southern building in the village, you'll find a loot pile consisting of 20 Arrows +2, 10 Bolts +3, four Javelins +4, a Light Crossbow +3, 2000 platinum, 80 gems, and 20 pieces of jewelry.

19 - Mulmaster

Please refer to the Mulmaster section for more information.

20 - Beholder Caves

You'll only see these entrances to the Beholder Caves after you've used them to exit from the caves. For some reason, if you leave the Realms map, then you'll no longer be able to detect the western entrance until you've used it as an exit again.