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1 - Robbery

At this spot you'll get robbed -- or at least that's what the game will say; we didn't notice anything missing -- and you'll hear sounds to the southeast (#2).

2 - Dennia

After being robbed (#1), when you reach this spot you'll see a female drow being attacked by spiders, and you'll recognize your "provisions" hanging from her belt. If you help the woman by defeating the spiders, then she'll introduce herself as Dennia, and she'll reveal that she's the sister of the mage Daris, who is in league with Kalistes. Dennia will then tell you that Daris plans to kill her son Hern in the Testing Grounds, and she'll ask you for help. If you agree to this, then she'll join your party as a "voice companion" rather than a real one, and she'll tell you that she knows a secret entrance into the Testing Grounds, which she'll automatically take you to when you leave the Ramparts.

But Note: By teaming up with Dennia here, you won't be able to join up with the assassin Valardis (who has been hired by Daris to assassinate Hern) in the Forest Village.

3 - Spider Battle

At this spot you'll get attacked by two Enormous Spiders, two Giant Spiders, and two Phase Spiders.

4 - Tumblewebs

Tumblewebs will blow past you here, and you'll notice one that rattles. If you investigate it then you'll find Scale Mail +4.

5 - Shiny Objects

You'll detect shiny objects stashed in a web here. If you try to grab them, then you'll get attacked by two Enormous Spiders, two Giant Spiders, and two Phase Spiders. But after the battle you'll find 10 Arrows +3, 10 Bolts +3, a Composite Long Bow +3, and a Light Crossbow +3.

  1. Exit to Kalistes' Dimension.