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Kalistes' Temple

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Kalistes' Temple is located underneath Zhentil Keep, and you'll have to travel through Manshoon's Tower and the Drow Stronghold in order to reach it. Inside, you'll need to disrupt a ceremony (at #11), which will grant you access to the dimensional portal leading to Limbo and Kalistes' Dimension (Exit C). Kalistes is one of Bane's three lieutenants, and you'll need to defeat her to complete the game.

1 - Temple Entrance

If you stop here and "watch" when you arrive at the temple, then you'll see some slaves enter the temple, and you'll record the scene as Journal Entry 19. If you "watch" a second time, then you'll realize that you can pretend to be emissaries, and this will allow you to enter the temple peacefully. Anything else you do at the entrance will get you beaten up by guards and thrown into a holding cell (#6).

If you return to the entrance after deciding to pose as emissaries, then you'll hear the temple steward reading a proclamation, and you'll record the announcement as Journal Entry 38.

2 - Weapon Storage

If you try to loot any of the weapons stored here, then you'll have to fight two Driders, two Drow Champions, and six Drow Priestesses. After the battle you'll find a Battle Axe +4 and 10 gems.

3 - Cleansing Room

You'll witness some drow cleansing themselves for a ceremony, and you'll record their conversation as Journal Entry 47. You'll also spot a vial of spider venom antidote. If you attempt to steal it and fail, then you'll have to fight six Drow Priests, two Drow Wizards, and three Enormous Spiders (and you'll find two Potions of Healing after the battle), but either way you'll end up with the antidote.

4 - Sacrificial Altar

When you enter this room you'll see a drow preparing to sacrifice a slave at an altar. No matter how you respond, you'll have to fight a Drider, two Drow Champions, and six Drow Priestesses. But if you save the slave, then this is one of the places in the temple (the other being at #6) when you can meet back up with Traned.

5 - Two Priests

In this room you'll overhear two Drow Priests talking about a map. If you take the map after they leave, then you'll gain some xp.

6 - Holding Cell

If you're thrown in here by the drow guards (at #1), then this is one of the places in the temple where you can meet back up with Traned.

7 - Guard Room

If you "wait" or "attack" in this room, then you'll have to fight six Drow Priests and six Drow Priestesses. After defeating the guards, you'll be able to rest in this room safely.

8 - Slave Pens

In each of these three pens you'll discover some slaves. To free the slaves in the northern pens, you'll have to defeat an assortment of drow guards. For the southern pen, you'll need to have the spider venom antidote (#3). After the two battles in the northern pens you'll find (in total) 10 Arrows +3, 10 Bolts +1, a Fine Long Bow, a Helm +2, a Light Crossbow +1, and a mage scroll.

9 - Oracle

When you enter this room, you'll hear an oracle speak. Among other things, it will direct the assembled drow to "guard our lady and her hands." You'll record this message as Journal Entry 93.

10 - Priest

Inside this room you'll be able to ask a priest about the ceremony, and you'll learn what it entails.

11 - Ceremony Chamber

You won't be able to enter this chamber until you've visited the oracle to the south (#9). When you do enter, you'll see a large statue of Kalistes, which you'll describe in Journal Entry 7.

The drow will recognize you when you enter the chamber. Most of the spectators will flee, but you'll still get attacked by eight Drow Priests, four Drow Sorceresses, two Pets of Kalistes, and two Phase Spiders. After the battle any slaves (#8) that you rescued will leave through the portals in the chamber, and Traned (if she was with you) will go with them. Then you'll need to destroy the "hands" of the statues to destroy the portals and prevent Kalistes' minions from ravaging the Moonsea region.

  1. Exit to the Drow Stronghold.
  2. Secret entrance from the Drow Slave Pits.
  3. Portal to Limbo where you'll gain access to Kalistes' Dimension.