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Taydome's Keep

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When you arrive in the keep (via Exit A), you'll be met by some giants and ogres. They'll allow you to leave if you want, but otherwise no matter what you say or do, they'll attack you, and you'll have to fight four Cloud Giants, two Cloud Giant Shamans, five Ogres, and two Ogre Shamans. At the end of the battle you'll find a Cloak of Protection +1, a Hammer +1, a mage scroll, and two pieces of jewelry.

Note: The game will mention the giants locking the front gate and the key disappearing, but nothing will actually happen with the gate. You'll be able to leave at any time.

As you explore the keep, you'll have to battle more groups of giants, but you'll also find some notes (at random locations) that will give you background information and advice. Among other things you'll learn that a mage named Kimarr is your enemy, that Kimarr stole the keep away from a mage named Quil (who is the one sending you notes), and that Sasha is hiding in the keep somewhere out of Kimarr's sight.

Eventually you'll reach Kimarr's chamber (#9). He won't be happy to see you, and he'll turn into a Blue Dragon and then summon some Cloud Giant Mages and Fire Giant Mages to attack you. If you rescued Bostell earlier (#2), then he'll join you for the fight, but he won't be much help.

Defeating Kimarr can be difficult. Probably about half of your party will start out terrified, which will give Kimarr and the giants the early advantage -- which is bad because they're all casters, and between Hold spells and damaging spells, you can find yourself in a deep hole before you've even had a chance to do anything. So be sure to buff up before going in. Bless and Prayer are good ideas, as are Resist Fire and Globes of Invulnerability. Then once the battle starts, try to get off a Silence, 15' Radius and some damaging spells to interfere with the casters, and try to arrange your party so Kimarr's lightning breath attacks won't hit multiple characters -- or, worse, bounce and hit one character twice.

At the end of the battle you'll find 10 Arrows +1, a Long Sword +3, a Ring of Electrical Immunity, 300 platinum, and 1 gem. Then two things will happen. The giants, free from Kimarr's spell, will leave the keep; and Quil will show up and offer to take you to Sasha. If you refuse, then you'll get kicked out of the keep, and you won't be allowed to re-enter. If you accept, then Sasha will thank you for your help -- sort of -- and you'll be allowed to rest (always safely) in the front hall. But the rest of the keep will become off limits, so be sure you've explored everywhere before you confront Kimarr.

1 - Ruoln

At this spot you'll meet Ruoln, one of Sasha's guards. He'll tell you that Sasha was captured in the keep by a pair of mages named Quil and Kimarr. You'll record this information as Journal Entry 91. Ruoln will then offer to join your party, but he's really Kimarr is disguise (and he's hunting for Quil, who isn't really evil). If you refuse Ruoln's offer or attack him, then he'll summon some giants and disappear. If you evade Ruoln, then you'll get away without a fight. If you accept Ruoln's offer, then he'll join you, but not as an actual character. With Ruoln by your side, you'll learn some extra things about the keep, but he'll make your life a little more difficult (such as at #3).

2 - Phlan Guard

You'll find a Phlan guard chained up here. If you defeat his captors and set free him, then he'll help you in the battle against Kimarr (#9). If you have Ruoln (#1) with you, then Ruoln will identify the guard as Bostell.

3 - Treasure Room

Inside this treasure room you'll find a mage scroll, a Quarter Staff +3, 600 platinum, and 2 gems. If Ruoln (#1) is with you, then you'll take some damage when you uncover the treasure.

4 - Waiting Room

You'll meet a contingent of drow waiting for Kimarr here. If you select the "leave" option then you'll exit the room and nothing will happen. Otherwise, you'll have to fight the contingent, including a Drow Champion, three Drow Priestesses, three Drow Priests, and a Drow Wizard. All of the drow are casters, and some are protected from spells, so this can be a tough fight. If you survive, then you'll find 10 Arrows +1, a Light Crossbow +1, a mage scroll, 500 platinum, 2 gems, and 1 piece of jewelry.

5 - Dining Hall

You'll encounter a group of giants here. If you leave then you'll avoid a fight. Otherwise you'll have to battle two Cloud Giant Mages, two Fire Giants, a Fire Giant Shaman, and five Ogres.

6 - Battle

When you reach this spot Kimarr will appear and claim that "you are dust," and he'll sic some giants on you. If you had Kimarr as Ruoln (#1) in your party, then he'll leave you at this point. At the end of the battle you'll find a pair of random items plus 100 platinum.

7 - Scribbles

In this room you'll find a cupboard containing "faded scribbles," including Journal Entry 95.

8 - Drow Guards

When you reach this spot a group of drow will stumble into you and attack. You'll have to fight a Drow Champion, five Drow Priests, a Drow Sorcerer, and two Drow Sorceresses. Afterwards you'll find a Battle Axe +3, a mage scroll, a Ring of Protection +1, and 100 platinum.

9 - Kimarr's Chamber

10 - Sasha's Hiding Spot

If you approach this room before defeating Kimarr (#9), then Quil will teleport you away. After the battle, you won't be allowed into this part of the keep.

  1. Exit to the Realms Dimension.