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Fortified Crossroads

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The crossroads is a small area overrun by giants. If you can defeat the giants in three places (#2, #3, #4), then you'll able to pick up two sets of treasure (#4, #5). This area will disappear from the overland map once you've visited it, so be sure to loot everything before leaving.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Ambush

At one of these two spots you'll get ambushed by four Cloud Giants, two Cloud Giant Mages, two Cloud Giant Shamans, and three Fire Giants. The giants will surround you, so you'll have your work cut out to prevent them from casting spells on you.

3 - Captive

In this room you'll witness some giants interrogating a captive. If you intervene, then you'll have to defeat six Cloud Giants and two Fire Giants, but afterwards the captive will tell you that he used to run a store nearby (#5), and that he hid some weapons there. When you go to the store after learning about the weapons, you'll find a Dagger +3, a Light Crossbow +1, two Potions of Speed, and a Trident +3.

4 - Treasure

In this room you'll discover a group of giants guarding a pile of treasure. If you can defeat the group, which consists of eight Cloud Giants, two Cloud Giant Shamans, one Fire Giant Mage, and two Fire Giant Shamans, then you'll get to loot the treasure: 10 Arrows +4, Chain Mail +4, Leather Armor +4, 200 platinum, 50 gems, and 30 pieces of jewelry.

5 - Abandoned Store

  1. Exit to the Realms Dimension.