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Red Tower (Levels 6-8)

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In this part of the tower, you'll just need to keep climbing upwards so you can reach Marcus at the top. But be aware, when you climb the stairs to Level 9, you won't be allowed to return to the lower part of the tower, so make sure you've explored everywhere you plan to go before ascending to the top.

1 - Closets

If you look or search in the closets, then you'll see if it's safe to rest in them.

2 - Odd Observatory

In this observatory-like room, you'll witness what appears to be an alliance between Bane and Moander. Each step you take in the room will cause you a small amount of damage due to the cold.

3 - Dead Adventurer

You'll find the body of a dead adventurer here, and you'll be able to loot it for two Javelins +2, a Ring of Protection from Evil, and a Two-Handed Sword +4.

4 - Waiting Warriors

In this room you'll get attacked by two Banite Clerics, four Evil Knights, and eight Swordsmen.

5 - Intersection

When you reach this spot, you'll hear enemies coming towards you from the east and west. If you "wait," then you'll have to fight a Banite Cleric, four Black Mages, and five Evil Knights followed by four Fire Knife Assassins, a Master Thief, and six Red Mages. If you "move" or "taunt" and then head into the closet to the north (#1), then the two groups will fight each other (complete with sound effects), and you won't have to deal with them. Afterwards, you can look or search the area around the intersection to examine the bodies, but you won't find anything.

6 - Otyugh Sentries

At this location, some otyugh sentries will spot you and rush off to warn their army on the floor above (#7). You can give chase if you want, but as far as we can tell there isn't any way to catch and fight the sentries, and even if you reach the army before you hear the sentries climbing the stairs, the battle with the army will be exactly the same either way.

7 - Otyugh Army

At this spot you'll get attacked by two Dark Lords, two Greater Otyughs, two Neo Otyugh, and 16 Otyughs.

8 - Shrine

When you approach this shrine, you'll get attacked by four Vampires, two Vampire Clerics, four Wights, and three Wraiths. Then inside the shrine, you'll discover some coffins. If you open them up, then you'll find Chain Mail +4, a Helm +4, a Military Pick, Ring Mail +4, a Shield +4, a Two-Handed Sword, 233 platinum, 84 gems, and 20 pieces of jewelry.

9 - Mustering Point

You'll discover a mustering of troops here, and you'll have to fight three Evil Champions, six Great Margoyles, four Moander Cultists, and three Red Mages.

  1. Stairs down to Level 5.
  2. Stairs between Level 6 and Level 7.
  3. Stairs between Level 7 and Level 8.
  4. Stairs up to Level 9. A wizard gate will close behind you after you've used these stairs, making this a one-way trip. Supposedly, if you haven't rescued Shal yet (from her Basement cell), then you won't be allowed to use this exit.