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Large Farmhouse

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The farmhouse here has been overrun by the undead. If you can defeat them in three places (#2, #3, #4) then you'll avenge the farmer and his family, and you'll destroy "one small blot of evil."

1 - Barn

If you look or search in the barn, then you'll discover the remains of the farmer and his family. Noticing this will prevent you from being ambushed when you enter the farmhouse (#2).

2 - Farmhouse

When you enter the farmhouse, you'll get attacked by two Giant Zombies, three Skeletal Animals, a Vampire, and a Vampire Thief. If you didn't visit the barn (#1) first, then you'll get ambushed in the fight, and the undead creatures will have the initiative.

3 - Corridor

For this battle you'll have to defeat four Giant Skeletons, 15 Skeletons, two Spectres, and a Vampire Mage.

4 - Storage Room

In this room you'll encounter four Giant Skeletons, two Vampire Mages, and two Vampires Thieves. At the end of the battle you'll find four Blessed Bolts.

  1. Exit to the Realms Dimension.