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Forest Village

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1 - Battle

When you reach this spot, you'll get attacked by three Drow Champions, two Drow Wizards, two Enormous Spiders, and four Giant Spiders. The game will mention the drow stealing some of your stuff before the battle, but we didn't notice anything missing (not that we had a lot of extra gear around thanks to switching dimensions). After the battle you'll find Banded Mail +4.

2 - Valardis

At this spot you'll witness some Pets of Kalistes playing with a man. If you chase the pets away (which doesn't require combat), then the man will introduce himself as Valardis, and he'll tell you that he's been hired by a mage named Daris to kill Hern in the Testing Grounds. If you reveal to Valardis that you're going to the Testing Grounds, too, then he'll offer to join you and show you a secret way in. If you accept this offer, then Valardis will become a "voice companion" rather than a real one, and you won't be able to team up with Hern's mother Dennia in the Ramparts. Also, with Valardis in your party, when you leave the village you'll automatically travel to the Testing Grounds.

3 - Long Cocoon

If you open the cocoon here, then you'll find a Scimitar +4.

4 - Battle

At this spot you'll get attacked by two Drow Priests, six Drow Sorcerers, and three Drow Sorceresses. The sorcerers will drop Rings of Protection +1, which might be useful to you.

5 - Trap

In this room you'll notice a dagger near a funnel web. If you send one of your characters after the dagger, then he'll fall into the funnel. If you follow him in then you'll have to fight an Enormous Spider, eight Giant Spiders, and two Phase Spiders, but afterwards you'll find 20 Arrows +3, a cloak, and 2 Javelins +2.

  1. Exit to Kalistes' Dimension.