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Entrance Village

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You'll have to go through this village to reach Kalistes' Parlor. When you reach the entrance to the parlor (Exit B), you'll witness Locaste (who you might remember from the Testing Grounds) trying to go through ahead of you. If Locaste doesn't have the Ward of Safe Passage, then she'll get devoured by spiders, and you'll record the scene as Journal Entry 14. If Locaste has the ward, then she'll make it through the entrance just fine, and you'll record the scene as Journal Entry 88.

When you try to use the entrance yourself, if you have the Ward of Safe Passage (from the Testing Grounds) then the spiders will make way for you and allow you to pass. But if you don't have the ward, then you'll get wrapped up in webs and thrown into the larder of the parlor, where you'll have to make your escape.

1 - Spider Battle

At these two spots you'll get attacked by a random group of spiders.

2 - Drow Children

When you reach this spot, drow children will try to pickpocket you. If you "lecture and let go," then that will be the end of it. But if you "throw in webs," then you'll wake up a random but sizeable group of spiders and have to fight them.

3 - Ominous Cavity

At this location you'll spot "a dark, ominous cavity." If you reach inside, then you'll find 100 platinum, 5 gems, and 3 pieces of jewelry.

  1. Exit to Kalistes' Dimension.
  2. Entrance to Kalistes' Parlor.