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Small Keep

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When you enter the keep, you'll discover that it's been overrun by giants from the nearby Hill Giant Steading. You'll get attacked by giants in five places (#1-5), but at the end you'll get to rescue a family (#5).

1 - Ettin War Party

At this spot you'll get attacked by eight Ettins.

2 - Blacksmith's Shop

You'll get attacked by five Ogres, an Ogre Mage, and two Ogre Shamans here. After the battle you'll find 10 Bolts +4, Leather Armor +4, and a Short Sword +2.

3 - Stables

Inside the stables you'll get attacked by four Ettins, two Fire Giants, a Fire Giant Mage, and a Fire Giant Shaman.

4 - Keep Entrance

When you enter the keep, you'll get attacked by five Ettins.

5 - Family

When you enter this room, you'll witness five Hill Giants and three Hill Giant Shamans preparing to kill a woman and two children, so you'll automatically attack them. After dispatching the giants, the family will thank you for rescuing them, and you'll find 20 Arrows +1, Leather Armor +4, and 10 pieces of jewelry.

  1. Exit to the Realms Dimension.