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When you enter this area for the first time (at Exit A), some cultists will greet you and ask you if you've come to join the cult. If you say "yes" then they'll take you to a preparation room (#1) and try to pour green ooze on you, which will cause you to fight them. If you say "no" then you'll have to fight them right away. That is, no matter what do, you'll have to fight the cultists.

While exploring the area, you'll meet a woman (#2) who will ask you to free the prisoners (#5). If you agree to do this, then she'll hand over some gear. Then when you complete the task, you'll earn some xp. You can also loot an altar (#3) and a storage room (#4) for some useful equipment.

You won't be able to rest anywhere in the area, so try to conserve your spells as much as possible.

1 - Preparation Room

This is where the cultists prepare people to join Moander.

2 - Hiding Woman

You'll find a woman hiding here. She'll tell you that some people have been taken prisoner, and she'll ask you to rescue them before they're transformed into Bits o Moander. If you agree to do this, then the woman will give you Scale Mail +4 and a Scimitar +4 to help you out. You'll find the prisoners to the east (#5).

3 - Altar

You'll witness cultists chanting at an altar here. However, when they see you, they'll attack, and you'll have to fight nine Moander Cultists. Afterwards, you'll find 10 Arrows +4, a cleric scroll, a Hammer +5, a Staff Sling +4, 100 platinum, 200 gems, and 8 pieces of jewelry.

4 - Storage Room

Inside the storage room you'll find Boots of Speed, a Helm +2, a Long Sword +3, Ring Mail +2, and a Shield +2.

5 - Prison

When you enter the prison, you'll be able to release the prisoners, which will earn you some xp. The prisoners will then fan out and eliminate any remaining cultists.

  1. Exit to Tanetal's Dimension.