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The first time you approach Moander's Hair, you'll hear a woman screaming inside. Then when you enter the area, you'll overhear some cultists talking about sacrificing a priestess. To save the priestess, you'll need to wander around. Every so often you'll hear sounds of pursuit (#2), and eventually you'll intercept the chase. When you do, you'll face off against three Fire Elementals and nine Moander Cultists.

After the battle, the priestess will thank you for your help. Then she'll tell you about Aeghwaet in Moander's Arm, who you'll have to visit before you can confront Tanetal in Moander's Heart, and she'll also mention that she dropped an amphora while running away from the cultists. You'll find the amphora in the southeastern part of the area (#3). The amphora will allow you to slow the Heart, which will make it easier to explore.

1 - Umber Hulks

At these places you'll get attacked by Umber Hulks.

2 - Sounds

At these places you might hear the sounds of the cultists chasing the priestess.

3 - Amphora

You'll only be able to pick up the amphora after rescuing the priestess.

  1. Exit to Tanetal's Dimension.