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Beholder Caves

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You'll start out in the Outer Chambers (#1). The ladder will get pulled up behind you, so you won't be able to return to Mulmaster right away. Instead you'll have to press forward. Soon enough you'll meet the Chancellor (#2). Depending on what you've done so far in the game, the Chancellor might ask you to defeat some of his rivals, including Manshoon (in Manshoon's Tower), Marcus (in the Red Tower), and Thorne (in Thorne's Cave).

Once you've completed all of the Chancellor's tasks, he'll have his remaining mercenary bands attack you. If you refuse one of his tasks, then you'll also have to fight the mercenary bands. The more tasks you complete, the fewer mercenary bands you'll have to face. After defeating the mercenaries, you'll also have to defeat the Chancellor (a Lich) along with five Great Margoyles, two Iron Golems, and six Margoyles. The Chancellor will drop a Cloak of Displacement, a Long Sword +4, a Quarter Staff +4, 30 platinum, 20 gems, and 2 pieces of jewelry when he dies. Arcam will flee to the south.

You'll catch up to Arcam in his chambers (#17), but the battle should be reasonably easy since you'll just have to fight him plus a Death Tyrant. As far as we can tell, the battle with Arcam is optional. What you'll really need to do in the Beholder Caves is make your way to the portal leading to Elminster and Limbo (Exit G). This will grant you access to Bane's Dimension, where you'll be able to defeat Gothmenes and complete the game.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Chancellor

The first time you arrive here, you'll witness a spectacle, which you'll record as Journal Entry 39.

3 - Eavesdropping

If you agree to complete one of the Chancellor's tasks and return here after being led to the exit (Exit A), then you'll overhear the Chancellor and Arcam discussing their plans -- to defeat Bane's other forces so they can take over the Realms Dimension themselves. However, after hearing this you'll probably have to defeat one or more mercenary bands.

4 - Escaped Prisoner

You'll meet an escaped prisoner here. If you're interested, he can lead you to the exit to the Realms Dimension (Exit A).

5 - Escaped Prisoner

This prisoner will ask you to free her friend from Arcam's prison (#7), but then she'll flee. If you follow her, then she'll take you to the exit to the Realms Dimension (Exit A).

6 - Envoy

The envoy will attempt to bribe you into leaving the Beholder Caves. However, just about any response you make will lead to you fighting the envoy (a Red Mage) plus five Fire Elementals.

7 - Dying Prisoner

You'll record the prisoner's dying words as Journal Entry 18. You'll also find Ring Mail +4 and a Silver Shield +3.

8 - Undead Greeting

When you enter the Hall of the Dead, you'll get attacked by a Death Tyrant, six Giant Skeletons, four Giant Zombies, and four Spectres.

9 - Vampire Battles

At these four places you can get attacked by Vampires and Wraiths.

10 - Spectre Battles

At these two places you can get attacked by Liches, Spectres, and Wights.

11 - Undead Ambush

The undead will try to ambush you here, but if you visit either of the locations just to the east or the west first, then you'll catch the ambushers by surprise and have an easier battle. The ambushers include Banshees, Spectres, and Vampire Thieves.

12 - Labyrinth

The labyrinth isn't very big or very complicated -- it has some one-way exits, but that's it -- but you'll receive not one but two clues for how to solve it. You might have noticed the first clue in Mulmaster with the chanting clerics (Journal Entry 24). You'll receive the second clue inside the labyrinth after you've taken about twenty steps there (Journal Entry 46). To exit the labyrinth, you'll just need to reach the stairs leading down (Exit D).

13 - Arcam's Guards

At this spot you'll have to defeat Beholders, Ettins, Great Margoyles, and Medusae.

14 - More Guards

At this spot you'll have to defeat Banite Clerics, Beholders, and Medusae.

15 - Even More Guards

At this spot you'll have to defeat Banshees, Beholders, and Vampire Thieves.

16 - Still More Guards

At this spot you'll have to defeat Iron Golems, Fire Knife Assassins, and Red Mages.

17 - Arcam

At this spot (or possibly at #18) you'll encounter Arcam (an Elder Orb) plus a Death Tyrant.

18 - Treasure Trove

At one of these two spots you'll find Arcam's treasure trove: a Cloak of Protection +3, Eyes of Charming, a Potion of Healing, a Scimitar +4, and 5 pieces of jewelry.

19 - Dragon Sentinel

When you walk past this sentinel, if you have the Horn of Doom (from Thorne in Thorne's Cave) then you'll get attacked by three Blue Dragons, a Red Dragon, and four White Dragons. Conveniently, they'll be bunched together, where a Delayed Blast Fireball or two should make short work of them.

20 - Spider Sentinel

When you walk past this sentinel, if you have the Crystal Ring (from Kalistes in Kalistes' Parlor) then you'll get attacked by six Enormous Spiders, two Pets of Kalistes, seven Phase Spiders, and eight Pyro Spiders.

21 - Black Hand Sentinel

When you walk up to this sentinel, if you have the Talisman of Bane (from Tanetal in Moander's Heart) then you'll get attacked by a Bit o Moander (Medium), a Bit o Moander (Large), and six Walking Trees. After completing the battle, you'll be able to use the doorway to the east.

  1. Exit to the Realms Dimension.
  2. Staircase between the Outer Chambers and the Hall of the Dead.
  3. Staircase between the Hall of the Dead and the Labyrinth.
  4. Staircase between the Labyrinth and Arcam's Chambers.
  5. Staircase between Arcam's Chambers and the Sentinel Halls.
  6. Staircase between Arcam's Chambers and the Sentinel Halls.
  7. Portal to Limbo and Bane's Dimension.