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Fire Giant Cave

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The Fire Giant Cave is located at the back of the Hill Giant Steading. Inside the cave, you'll have to battle numerous giants, culminating with a Fire Giant Mage named Ungleow (#16). Past Ungleow you'll discover an exit to the Realms Dimension (Exit B). You'll have to go through this exit to gain access to the Dragon Aerie, where you'll find the portal leading to Thorne, one of Bane's lieutenants.

1 - Rotating Floor

When you step onto the floor here, you'll get rotated around randomly. But the interface will always show you which way you're facing, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting reoriented.

2 - Ungleow

When you enter this room, Ungleow the Fire Giant Mage will confront you. She'll thank you for defeating the Hill Giant Shaman (in the Hill Giant Steading), and she'll reward you with a Ring of Vulnerability (it's cursed so don't wear it), 200 platinum, and 20 gems. However, she'll warn you to stop exploring the cave, or else you'll be "dealt with harshly." You'll record this conversation as Journal Entry 12.

3 - Infinite Hallway

This hallway has been enchanted by Ungleow so that it appears to continue forever. Every so often while you're traveling through it, you'll spot a crushed skull on the ground. If you collect your thoughts, pick up the ring lodged in the skull, and throw the ring away, then you'll shatter the illusion and be able to continue on.

4 - Fire Giant Battle

At this spot you'll get attacked by ten Fire Giants.

5 - Medusae Battles

At these two spots Medusae will sneak up on you and attack you from behind.

6 - Plotting Hill Giants

In this room (#6) you'll meet two Hill Giants hiding some object. If you "demand to see the object," then they'll show you an iron bar. If you proceed to tell the giants that you're an enemy of Ungleow, then they'll reveal that they're planning to kill him, and you'll record their plan as Journal Entry 86. The Hill Giants will then ask you to follow them to the spot where they've rigged their cave-in (#6a), but when you help them to pry down the wall, it will actually collapse in your direction rather than towards Ungleow. Your party will take some slight damage while escaping, but the two giants will be killed.

7 - Dusty Rooms

These rooms are safe to rest in.

8 - Peephole

Through the peephole in the western wall, you'll be able to see into Ungleow's chamber (#16). You'll record what you see in Journal Entry 66.

9 - Teleporter

When you step onto one of the teleporters here (#9), you'll be moved to a nearby room (#9a).

10 - Spider Battle

At this spot you'll get attacked by a variety of spiders, including Enormous Spiders, Giant Spiders, and Phase Spiders.

11 - Assassins

At this spot you'll witness ten Fire Knife Assassins arguing about whether they should hunt you down. No matter what you do, you'll end up fighting them.

12 - Assassins

In this room you'll face six Fire Knife Assassins.

13 - Ungleow Attack

When you reach this spot, Ungleow will sic seven Fire Giants and six Fire Knife Assassins on you.

14 - Fire Giant Attack

Inside this room you'll get attacked by three Fire Elementals, eight Fire Giants, and two Fire Giant Shamans.

15 - Peace Offering

At this spot an assassin will make you a peace offering on behalf of Ungleow -- a bribe of loot, 300 gems, and "a high position in her army." If you refuse to listen to the assassin, or if you refuse his offer, or if you attack him after he's made his offer, then you'll have to fight eight Fire Giants, four Fire Giant Shamans, and a Fire Knife Assassin. If you accept the offer or demand more, then the assassin will lead you to Ungleow to the south (#16).

16 - Ungleow's Chamber

In this room you'll meet Ungelow. If you fought the assassin in the previous room (#15), then Ungleow and her minions will attack you on sight, and they'll have the initiative. In all, you'll have to take on eight Fire Giants, a Fire Giant Mage (Ungleow), five Fire Giant Shamans, and seven Fire Knife Assassins, but after defeating them you'll find a Cloak of Protection +3, a Fine Long Bow, 2 Javelins +4, a Ring of Cold Resistance, a Trident +3, a Two-Handed Sword +2, 1000 platinum, and 50 gems.

If you negotiated with the assassin, then Ungleow will recognize you as an ambitious mercenary, and she'll ask you to kill Manshoon in his tower at Zhentil Keep. After that she'll point out the one-way door to the southwest, which will take you to the cave entrance (Exit A). You'll record this conversation as Journal Entry 53. However, when you return after confronting Manshoon (you won't be able to kill him), Ungleow will attack you, and you'll have to fight the same battle as if you had attacked Ungleow right away.

17 - Dragon Battle

In this room you'll get attacked by a Green Dragon and two Red Dragons.

  1. Exit to the Hill Giant Steading.
  2. Exit to the Realms Dimension.