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Red Tower (Levels B-5)

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The Red Tower belongs to the evil wizard Marcus, who you might remember from Secret of the Silver Blades. Marcus resides at the top of the tower, and you'll need to climb up there and defeat him so you can open the way to Bane's lieutenant Tanetal, who you'll have to defeat for the main quest in the game. However, to reach Marcus, you'll first have the rescue Shal from the Basement (#8).

1 - Spider Battle

Spiders will greet you at the entrance to the tower, and you'll have to fight a big bunch of them, plus two Banite Clerics.

2 - Black Hand

If you stand on the giant black hand in the center of the room, then you'll communicate with Marcus' aide, who you'll later learn is named Petra. If you "taunt," or if you "lie" and wait, or if you "keep quiet," leave and return, then your party will take minor damage, and Marcus will suggest that you leave. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

3 - Closets

When you enter the closet on Level 1, the people from Phlan will communicate with you. They'll tell you that Phlan is "entombed" beneath the tower, and they'll ask you to find the mage Shal, who they'll describe as looking just like the aide you might have spoken to earlier (#2). The Phlanarians will then join you (silently), and they'll help you when you exit the closet and get attacked by a group of otyughs and margoyles.

In the northern closet in the Basement, if you look or search, then you'll hear Shal's voice coming to you from the cell to the north (#8).

If you look or search in the closets, then you'll see how often they're visited, and you'll discover that some of them are safe to rest in.

4 - Locked Gates

When you approach one of these gates, a person on the other side will say roughly the same things as the Phlanarians on Level 1 (#3), and you'll record his words as Journal Entry 32. There isn't any way to open the gates.

5 - Waiting Warriors

In one of these two locations, you'll run into two Banite Clerics, four Evil Knights, and eight Swordsmen.

6 - Classroom

In one of these two locations, you'll witness a Banite Cleric delivering a lecture to some troops. If you "listen" twice then you'll hear snippets of a plan to capture Phlan, but regardless you'll end up fighting two Banite Clerics, four Evil Knights, and eight Swordsmen.

7 - Prison Guards

When you enter this room, you'll get attacked by a Banite Cleric, two Evil Knights, four Margoyles, and ten Swordsmen. After the battle you'll find a Flail +4.

8 - Shal's Cell

In this cell you'll meet Shal, and you'll record her greeting as Journal Entry 8. Shal will want you to take her up to the top of the tower so she can confront Marcus, and if you agree to do this then she'll join you. Shal is a level 18 fighter with decent stats and equipment, and she'll stay with you while you're in the tower.

Note: Shal's powers were "robbed" by Marcus, which is why she's currently a fighter rather than a magic-user.

9 - Battles

In this room you'll get attacked by three Bits o Moander (2 small and 1 medium), followed by six Moander Cultists and four Rogues. If you haven't yet faced any Bits yet, realize that they're immune to fire and can turn characters to stone.

10 - Drow

You'll meet a group of drow here. If you "talk" to them, then they'll tell you Journal Entry 100. If you tell them about Shal, then Shal will attack them, forcing you to do the same. Otherwise, you'll be given the opportunity to attack them or let them go. If you attack them, then you'll face five Drow Priests, two Drow Sorcerers, and a Drow Sorceress.

11 - Cultist Battle

In this chamber you'll get attacked by two Bits of Moander (Small) and five Moander Cultists.

  1. Exit to the Realms Dimension.
  2. Stairs between Level 1 and the Basement.
  3. Stairs between Level 1 and Level 2.
  4. Stairs between Level 2 and Level 3.
  5. Stairs between Level 3 and Level 4.
  6. Stairs between Level 4 and Level 5.
  7. Stairs up to Level 6.