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Phlan (Buried)

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To reach Phlan after Bane's takeover, you'll need to climb to the top of the Red Tower and defeat Marcus there. This will cause the tower to collapse, opening a way down to Phlan, which had been buried under it. However, when you first go down to Phlan, you'll get attacked by 15 Black Mages and five White Dragons, so you'll need to be ready for a fight.

Phlan is an optional area, but it's a town, so it's useful to visit. It will be largely the same as it was at the start of the game, but Shal (#2) will point out some new problems that she'll ask you to solve. You'll need to deal with one of these problems -- the hostages in the western part of the city (#9) -- before being allowed to leave.

1 - City Clerk

The clerk will check to see if she has any missions for you to complete. She didn't have anything for us, so we're not sure if the dialogue was written with Pool of Radiance in mind (where Sasha the clerk gave you missions), or if there really are missions but we took so long to reach Phlan that we'd already completed them.

2 - Council Chamber

Inside this chamber, Shal will tell you about the most pressing problems in the city. You'll need to visit her twice to see all three problems. The problems are as follows:
  • Invaders in the city. Shal will tell you that enemies have been creeping into Phlan via the sewers, and she'll ask you to defeat them. You'll find the invaders -- large groups of Red Mages and Zhentil Warriors -- in random places in the western part of the city. You'll apparently solve this problem when you solve the hostages problem

  • Kidnapping. Shal will tell you that Sasha has been kidnapped by Gragnak Ulfim, and she'll ask you to rescue her. You'll get a chance to rescue Sasha when you reach Dark Phlan.

  • Hostages. Shal will tell you that a family is being held hostage in the western part of the city (#9). You'll have to defeat a Bit o Moander (Small) and nine Black Mages to free the family.
You won't get a reward for solving any of the problems, but you won't be allowed to leave the city until you've solved the third one.

3 - Library

If you look or search in the library, then you'll find a mage scroll, note from Elminster, and a Wand of Magic Missiles.

4 - Inns

5 - Temples

6 - Training Hall

7 - Shops

8 - Fortunes Told

For 5 platinum the fortuneteller here will give you cryptic hints about what to do next.

9 - Hostages

Inside this house you'll discover that a family is being held hostage by a Bit o Moander (Small) and nine Black Mages. To free the family you'll just need to defeat the enemies.

  1. Gate to the Realms Dimension. You won't be able to use this gate until you've freed the nearby hostages (#9).