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1 - Storm Harngrim

At this spot you'll meet a dwarf. Assuming you don't "ignore" or "kill" him, then he'll introduce himself as Storm Harngrim, and he'll tell you his story, which you'll record as Journal Entry 35. Storm will then offer to join you, provided you agree to help him rescue his sister Arta. Storm is an excellent level 12 fighter, and he'll stay with you while you're in Kalistes' Dimension, so he's useful to have around.

2 - Forest of Webs

At this spot you'll notice "a forest of irregular webs." If you enter and open some cocoons, then you'll get attacked by a random group of spiders.

3 - Fresh Dirt

If you "sing" (because that's what people do when they see dirt), then you'll get attacked by two Drow Champions, six Drow Priestesses, and two Drow Wizards. If you "dig," then you'll find a Trident +4, 100 platinum, 2 gems, and 1 piece of jewelry. If dig a second time, then you'll get attacked by a group of spiders.

4 - Drow

At this spot you'll see some drow going through bloody dwarf clothing. If you "wait" or "attack," then you'll have to fight a group of drow, including possibly a pair of Large Iron Golems.

5 - Locked Guard Shack

If you pick or bash open the door to this shack, then inside you'll find 10 Arrows +3, 10 Bolts +3, and Scale Mail +3.

  1. Exit to Kalistes' Dimension.