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Ruined City

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1 - Drider

At this spot a drider will come galloping up to you and say, "A fool teaches a smart dog to play dumb." This won't lead to anything.

2 - Drow Patrol

At this location you'll spot a drow patrol. If you disguise yourself, then they'll leave you in peace. Otherwise, you'll have to fight three Drow Priests and five Drow Sorcerers.

3 - Cocoon

If you open the cocoon here then you'll find two Javelins +2.

4 - Drow Battle

At this spot you'll get attacked by two Drow Champions, six Drow Priestesses, and two Drow Wizards.

5 - Trap Door

If you open the trap door here then you'll find Elfin Chain +3. But spiders will jump out of the opening, too, and you'll have to fight two Enormous Spiders, two Giant Spiders, and three Phase Spiders.

  1. Exit to Kalistes' Dimension.