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When you enter Mulmaster, the gate guards will look you over suspiciously, but unlike at Zhentil Keep, they won't try to tax you. If you "attack" the guards anyway, then you'll have to fight eight Swordsmen and you'll set off the alarm in the city. The alarm will stop as soon as you leave Mulmaster, so it's not a big deal, and you'll be able to "glare back" instead of "attack" the guards in the future, which will cause them to slink away.

Everybody you talk to in Mulmaster will try to get you to fight in the arena (#7). This is good advice since the arena is the only way you'll be able to descend into the Beholder Caves beneath the city, which will eventually lead you to Bane's Dimension, where you'll find Gothmenes. You'll need to defeat Gothmenes to complete the game.

Inside the arena, you'll have to fight two or three battles depending on how much the officials in the city like you. In the first round, you'll have to fight two Black Dragons. In the second round, you'll have to fight four Displacer Beasts and four Purple Worms. In the third round (if necessary), you'll have to fight seven Pyro Snakes and three Salamanders.

After completing the arena, an Elder Orb will ask you if you'd like to meet Arcam. You should say "yes." If you don't, then you'll get attacked by the Elder Orb plus five Swordsmen, and you'll have to repeat the arena battles. After accepting the Elder Orb's invitation, you'll be taken down into the Beholder Caves.

1 - Barracks

If you don't leave the barracks as directed by the soldiers inside, then you'll have to fight three Banite Clerics, two Evil Knights, and seven Swordsmen. The barracks encounters will reset each time you enter the city.

2 - Chanting Clerics

Some chanting Banite Clerics will pass by here, and you'll record their words as Journal Entry 24. The chanting is a clue for the Labyrinth in the Beholder Caves.

3 - Mercenary

A mercenary here will tell you that he's recruiting for a "traveling company" since the pickings should be good with Bane in charge, but he won't want anything to do with you until you've proven yourself in the arena (#7). However, while you're fighting in the arena, the mercenary will leave.

4 - Animal Pits

This is where the monsters are kept for the arena fights (#7).

5 - First Justicar

When you meet the First Justicar, he'll try to get you to confess your sins. If you oblige him, then you'll get teleported into the arena (#7).

6 - Arena Antechamber

When you enter the antechamber, a one-armed warrior will invite you to take the "challenge of the arena." If you accept, then he'll lead you into the arena to the south (#7).

7 - Arena

8 - Clerk

If you bribe the clerk with 100 platinum, then he'll let you into the training hall to the west (#9).

9 - Training Hall

10 - Accurate Weapons

Inside this shop you'll be able to buy a bunch of +2 ranged weapons and ammunition.

11 - The Sleeping Dragon

You'll be able to rest safely inside this inn for the mere price of 10 platinum.

12 - Bar

Inside this bar you'll meet a young woman. She'll warn you not to meet Arcam after you've beaten the arena (#7), but this is bad advice.

  1. Exit to the Realms Dimension.