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Inside the Arm you'll meet Aeghwaet (#1). He'll tell you that he's lived in Moander for 3500 years, but that lately the god's body has become dangerous because Tanetal's forces are stripping away so much flesh that Moander's body has started fighting back. He'll then ask you to defeat all of the enemies in the Arm, and he'll promise to tell you the secret to entering the Heart (where Tanetal is located) if you do.

You'll find enemies in four places (#2). The enemies are random, but they'll come from four flavors: Bits o Moander, Minions of Bane, Earth Elementals and / or Red Mages. After defeating the four groups of enemies, when you return to Aeghwaet (#3), he'll give you two Elixirs of Youth and two Potions of Extra Healing. He'll also give you two potions that will allow you to enter and survive in Moander's Heart. Finally, Aeghwaet will remain in the arm and provide you with temple services.

Note: You won't be able to rest in the Arm, but if you need to, you can always retreat back to Elminster in Limbo and rest there.

1 - Aeghwaet (Start)

At this spot you'll meet Aeghwaet. You'll record his greeting as Journal Entry 27.

2 - Battles

3 - Aeghwaet (End)

  1. Exit to Tanetal's Dimension.