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When you arrive in Phlan, you'll be greeted by the portmaster Rolf at the docks (#1). He'll offer to give you a tour of the city. If you accept, then he'll point out some of the nearby buildings, including the town hall (#4) and the training hall (#2). If you refuse, then he'll quickly usher you off of the docks, and you won't be able to return.

There isn't much you can do in Phlan at this point in the game. Inside the town hall (#4) you'll meet Sasha (#7), who you might remember from Curse of the Azure Bonds (when she was Phlan's council clerk) and Secret of the Silver Blades (when she had to be rescued -- twice). After laying down the law to you (which you'll record as Journal Entry 25), Sasha will invite you to become a part of her bodyguard when she visits Thar, and she'll tell you to meet her at Kuto's Gate (Exit A). You won't be able to refuse this invitation.

Otherwise, you can go shopping (#10), you can rest at an inn and memorize spells (#8), you can have your fortune read (#12), and you can fight some Ettins (#11). When you eventually meet up with Sasha, she'll give you three cleric scrolls, and you'll begin your journey to Thar. However, a short distance away from Phlan you'll witness Bane taking control of the region -- complete with lots of laughter and fanfare -- and you'll get sucked into a portal leading to Limbo. Sasha won't arrive with you, but you'll meet her again later.

When you arrive in Limbo you'll meet Elminster, and you'll record his greeting as Journal Entry 15. Elminster will explain to you that Bane has laid claim to the area surrounding Phlan, not to mention Limbo, and that you're the best bet in the region to put a stop to his plans. Elminster will then send you back to the Realms Dimension, and he'll ask you to look for allies and destroy Bane's servants.

1 - Rolf

2 - Training Hall

3 - Temples

4 - Town Hall

5 - Council Clerk

At the start of the game, you won't be able to do anything with the clerk. Later, she might give you some missions.

6 - Library

When you enter the library, you'll meet an old man (aka Elminster). He'll warn you that "great events are afoot" and that you should leave the city soon.

7 - City Council

This is where you'll meet Sasha and the rest of the city council.

8 - Inns

You'll only be able to rest in Phlan when you're in an inn.

9 - Traitor's Gate

The first time you approach Traitor's Gate, the guard stationed at it will tell you Journal Entry 57.

10 - Shops

You'll find a few shops in Phlan, but they'll sell stuff so basic that you probably won't need it, even if you created new characters for the game.

11 - Troll Toss Tavern

When you enter the tavern, the bartender will greet you (which you'll record as Journal Entry 9), and he'll invite you to fight some Ettins. If you accept, then you'll face eight Ettins, and you'll win some xp and gems at the end. You'll only be able to fight the Ettins once. This battle is a good idea since there's a good chance it will advance the level of imported characters and newly dual-classed characters. Be sure to rest and memorize spells first, though.

12 - Fortunes Told

Sabra the fortuneteller will offer you a reading for 5 platinum. If you pay then she'll recommend that you "seek out the pool to the north for illumination." That comment will make more sense later.

  1. Kuto's Gate.