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Kalistes' Dimension

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When you take the portal from Limbo to Kalistes' Dimension, you'll start out in the Ruined Temple (#1). A woman will greet you there, and she'll introduce herself as the Eyes of Kalistes. When she asks you if you had help in Kalistes' Temple, you should say "yes" and mention "Silk" (and also "Traned" if you want). This will cause the woman to reveal that she's a Swanmay like Silk, and that her name is Cynthia.

Cynthia will then tell you how you can enter Kalistes' Parlor (#8), where you'll find Kalistes. You'll need to track down a Ward of Safe Passage (which will cause Pets of Kalistes to let you pass) plus Amulets of Stillness (which will make spiders ignore you) for everyone in your party. She'll recommend that you look for these items in the Testing Grounds (#5), and you'll record the conversation as Journal Entry 44. For more information about Cynthia, please refer to the Ruined Temple section.

Note: You won't find a lot of places where you can rest in Kalistes' Dimension. If you need to, you can always return to Limbo (via the portal in the Ruined Temple, #1), where you'll be able to rest and train. No equipment will disappear in the trip. You'll only lose equipment when you return to the Realms Dimension.

Another Note: You won't find any shops in Kalistes' Dimension, so you won't be able to identify anything. So at best you'll just have to equip something and see if it gives you better stats than what you were using previously.

On your way to the Testing Grounds, you might run into Valardis at the Forest Village (#4) or Dennia at the Ramparts (#3). Whichever ally you meet will sneak you into the Testing Grounds, where you'll have to pass several tests, but where you should also come away with the ward and amulets just like Cynthia said. Then to enter Kalistes' Parlor (#8), you'll have to go to the Entrance Village (#7). Along the way you should pass by the Stockade (#6), where you can meet another ally named Storm.

Inside Kalistes' Parlor, you'll need to fight your way down to the lower level, where you'll discover Kalistes' egg chambers. Destroying the eggs there will cause Kalistes to attack you -- along with a lot of help. This fight can be difficult. Please refer to the Kalistes' Parlor section for some pointers about how to approach it. After the battle you'll claim Kalistes' Crystal Ring, which had been holding the Realms Dimension in darkness. With Kalistes dead and the ring in your possession, you'll be able to return to Limbo and the Realms Dimension and turn your attention to Bane's other lieutenants.

1 - Ruined Temple

Please refer to the Ruined Temple section for more information.

2 - Bridges

You'll only be able to cross the lava using these bridges.

3 - Ramparts

Please refer to the Ramparts section for more information.

4 - Forest Village

Please refer to the Forest Village section for more information.

5 - Testing Grounds

Please refer to the Testing Grounds section for more information.

Note: You won't be able to cross the mountains to reach the Testing Grounds. You'll have to approach them from the road to the east.

6 - Stockade

Please refer to the Stockade section for more information.

7 - Entrance Village

Please refer to the Entrance Village section for more information.

8 - Kalistes' Parlor

You won't be able to enter Kalistes' Parlor directly. Instead you'll have to enter via the Entrance Village (#7).

9 - Ruined City

Please refer to the Ruined City section for more information.