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When you enter the tear duct leading to Moander's Brain, you'll overhear some mages talking about the visions they had while they were there. Then they'll notice you, and nine of them will attack you.

Your goal in the Brain is to stop the Black Mages. To do this, you'll need to visit four devices (#2) that the mages attached to the Brain. Each time you come to a device, there's a chance you'll encounter a group of Black Mages. After defeating them, you'll have to decide what to do with the device. If you "look into it," then you'll see a vision, which you'll record as Journal Entries 21, 30, and 69. If you "destroy it," then the device will explode, causing you some minor damage. Nothing will happen after visiting all four devices.

1 - Entrance to Brain

The first time you reach the entrance, a Black Mage will push you back. Then when you return, he'll attack you along with three Bits o Moander (Small).

2 - Devices

  1. Exit to Tanetal's Dimension.