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Dungeons & Dragons Gold Box Classics - Steam Edition Impressions

Posted by ValH at 10:15 am on 04.21.2022 (1 year ago)

Following the recent Steam release of SSI's Gold Box games, we get this PC Gamer article that takes them out for a spin and shares...

Dungeons & Dragons Gold Box Games Now Live on Steam

Posted by ValH at 9:05 am on 03.31.2022 (2 years ago)

The Gold Box Classics bundle, originally scheduled for a March 25, 2022 release, is now available on Steam. The bundle consists of...

Dungeons & Dragons Gold Box Games Coming to Steam

Posted by ValH at 10:09 am on 03.12.2022 (2 years ago)

If you wouldn't mind having a whole heap of Gold Box games in your Steam library, come March 25, 2022 you'll be able to purchase a...

Deadly Sins of CRPG Design

Posted by BuckGB at 5:42 pm on 05.13.2017 (6 years ago)

The Digital Antiquarian has editorialized about the "Deadly Sins of CRPG Design", using a considerable number of examples from a v...

Opening the Gold Box, Part 5: All That Glitters is Not Gold

Posted by BuckGB at 8:20 pm on 04.1.2017 (7 years ago)

The advancements they made in Curse of the Azure Bonds, player reception to Secret of the Silver Blades, the major drop in sales f...

Gold Box Companion and The All-Seeing Eye Tools for SSI Enthusiasts

Posted by BuckGB at 5:53 pm on 01.16.2017 (7 years ago)

At the tail end of Matt Barton's most recent "Matt Chat" installment, he brings word of two lesser known tools that immediately pi...

Why the Economy Sucks in the SSI Gold Box Games

Posted by BuckGB at 1:18 pm on 09.28.2016 (7 years ago)

In a lengthy editorial, The CRPG Addict provides an in-depth analysis of "why the economy sucks in the SSI Gold Box games", with a...

Thirteen Gold Box D&D Classics Released on GOG

Posted by WorstUsernameEver at 3:02 pm on 08.20.2015 (8 years ago)

The Gold Box games have always been one of the few blind spots in GOG's impressive Dungeons & Dragons catalog of games until t...

SSI Veterans Form Tactical Simulations Interactive

Posted by BuckGB at 4:01 pm on 08.9.2014 (9 years ago)

Some excellent news emerged this weekend by way of a press release announcing the establishment of a new studio called Tactical Si...

GB Feature: Pools of Darkness Content Overload

Posted by BuckGB at 12:49 am on 04.1.2014 (10 years ago)

Bringing you subsites for the first three titles in the core Gold Box series without eventually making it to Pools of Darkness see...

SSI Gold Box/Silver Box Series Retrospectives

Posted by BuckGB at 11:15 pm on 10.4.2013 (10 years ago)

The nostalgic fellows at World 1-1 have been busy cranking out retrospectives for many of the AD&D-based titles that SSI developed...

Joel Billings Video Interview, Part Four

Posted by BuckGB at 4:10 am on 04.1.2013 (11 years ago)

The fourth and final installment to Matt Barton's video interview with SSI president Joel Billings is now available as Matt Chat #...

Joel Billings Video Interview, Part Three

Posted by WorstUsernameEver at 1:44 pm on 02.11.2013 (11 years ago)

The third and latest part of Matt Barton's interview with SSI's Joel Billings deals with the developer's Gold Box RPG series, whic...

Joel Billings Video Interview, Part Two

Posted by WorstUsernameEver at 1:13 pm on 02.4.2013 (11 years ago)

Matt Barton has published the second part of his Joel Billings interview (you can find the first part here). This time it covers S...

Joel Billings Video Interview, Part One

Posted by BuckGB at 2:46 am on 01.21.2013 (11 years ago)

Our friend Matt Barton managed to track down Strategic Simulations, Inc. founder Joel Billings for a lengthy video interview, the ...

Forgotten Ruins: The Roots of CRPGs - SSI

Posted by BuckGB at 7:02 am on 12.7.2010 (13 years ago)

Bitmob is taking a stab at spotlighting the 30-year history of computer role-playing games in a new series of retrospectives they'...

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