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Ruined Temple

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When you arrive in Kalistes' Dimension, you'll end up in the Ruined Temple (at Exit A). A woman will greet you there, and she'll introduce herself as the Eyes of Kalistes. When she asks you if you had help in Kalistes' Temple, you should say "yes" and mention "Silk" (and also "Traned" if you want). This will cause the woman to reveal that she's a Swanmay like Silk, and that her name is Cynthia.

Cynthia will then give you some good information about defeating Kalistes (which you'll record as Journal Entry 44), but she'll ask you for some help in return. She'll tell you that she needs two things -- spiders from the Cavern of Fireflies (#2) plus some drow prisoner (#4) -- and that she'll also require a mysterious third thing that she won't tell you about yet.

Note: If you don't mention Silk to Cynthia, then Cynthia won't help you, and you'll have to fight extra groups of spiders in the temple.

When you bring the spiders and drow to Cynthia, she'll command the spiders to disguise the drow to look like you, and then she'll have the spiders kill the drow to trick Kalistes into thinking that you're dead. Once that's done, she'll ask you for her third and final favor-- to kill her. You should do this or else Kalistes won't buy the charade.

1 - Drider

At this spot a drider will come galloping up to you and say, "A fool teaches a smart dog to play dumb." This won't lead to anything.

2 - Cavern of Fireflies

If you enter this cavern, then you'll find a nest of spiders for Cynthia (at Exit A). You'll also find a Dagger +3.

3 - Spiders

At this spot you'll see some spiders dragging something up a wall. If you stop them then you'll have to fight two Enormous Spiders, ten Giant Spiders, and three Phase Spiders, but after the battle you'll find a Long Sword +4.

4 - Drow Patrol

This is one spot in the temple where you're guaranteed to encounter a drow patrol. If you "capture" it, then you'll take some minor damage, but you'll have the drow prisoners that Cynthia needs (at Exit A). If you attack the patrol, then you'll have to fight three Drow Champions, a Drow Priestess, and four Drow Wizards -- which might be a good thing if you need equipment, because the Champions and Wizards will drop Drow Long Swords +3 and Drow Chain +3. However, by attacking this patrol, you'll have to wander around the temple until you encounter a random patrol, which will give you another chance to capture prisoners.

  1. Portal to Limbo. This is where you'll meet the Eyes of Kalistes (aka Cynthia).
  2. Exit to Kalistes' Dimension.