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Tanetal's Dimension

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Tanetal's Dimension exists on the body of the slumbering god Moander. You'll start out in a Deep Depression (#1), a small zone that basically just has the portal back to Limbo in it. From the Deep Depression you'll need to travel to the Arm (#3) at least, since in the Arm you'll receive two potions that will allow you to enter the Heart (#8), where you'll find Tanetal. But you might want to visit all of the mini-zones in the dimension so you can pick up some extra equipment and xp.

Note: You won't find many places to rest in Tanetal's Dimension. If you need to, you can always return to Elminster in Limbo and rest there. You won't lose any equipment during the trip. You'll only lose equipment when you return to the Realms Dimension.

Inside the Heart (#8), you'll meet a Watcher who will help you to deal with Tanetal. Please refer to the Heart section for more information. After defeating Tanetal, you'll come away with the Talisman of Bane. When Elminster sees it, he'll explain that it's a key to Bane's Dimension, and you'll record his words as Journal Entry 41.

1 - Deep Depression

This small area contains the portal that will take you back to Elminster in Limbo.

2 - Foot

Please refer to the Foot section for more information.

3 - Arm

Please refer to the Arm section for more information.

4 - Ear

The Ear is a small zone. Inside you'll have to battle some Bits o Moander, but then you'll meet a hermit, and you'll record his story as Journal Entry 58. The hermit will give you Leather Armor +4, a Long Sword +3, Plate Mail +2, Ring Mail +4, a Shield +3, and a Trident +5. He'll also act as a trainer.

5 - Hair

Please refer to the Hair section for more information.

6 - Tear Duct

The tear duct here will grant you access to Moander's Brain.

7 - Mouth

The Mouth is a small zone. All you'll be able to do here is toss the amphora from the priestess (who you can rescue at #5) down Moander's throat. This will cause Moander's Heart (#8) to beat more slowly, which will make things easier for you when you go there. If you try to enter Moander's throat yourself, then he'll cough you out.

8 - Wound

Entering the wound will take you to Moander's Heart.