Battling Yaga-Shura
Concentrate on One

Don't stand to fight the other monsters (Fire Giants and humans) because they are spawning every time you kill them, go directly to Yaga-Shura and dispatch him. The first time you will just wound him and he will flee, after his second coming he'll be healed and he'll get some monsters to help him. Attack only him just like the first time and after his death you'll be summoned by the Solar. When you get back, you can loot him and the other monsters will disapear.

Submitted By: Edwin Klaus

Mages, Archers, and Fire Giants

This battle was a challenge only because of the friggin archers that continually spawned. My spellcasters (Aerie, Haer'Dalis and Imoen) prepped themselves by storing Cone of Cold in a contingency. When the first batch of mages & archers arrived, the contingencies fired and disrupted quite a few attacks (some, mostly archers, were killed outright). Jaheira summoned a couple of fire elementals, sent them off to take care of whoever remained, and then joined Minsc and my PC (19th lvl paladin) to take care of the giants and Yaga Shura.

Armed with Angurvadal, Foebane, and his last Potion of Storm Giant, my PC took Yaga Shura head on. Minsc went into a Berserker Rage and hacked away with his trusty Warblade. Aerie's Storms of Vengeance kept the mages & archers to a minimum while Imoen rained electric arrows from a distance. It was Haer'Dalis, however who, after remembering he could use any item, brought the giant down with a well-aimed lightning bolt from his wand of lightning. Some bards have all the luck. Thank Helm for ricochets.

Submitted By: Elrin Britestar