Soloing Baldur's Gate II

Character Creation

Race: Elf (Dexterity bonus for armor class, resist charm, bonus to long swords)
Alignment: Chaotic Good (My favorite)
Stats: Try to roll such that
- Dexterity 19 (Armor class bonus)
- Intelligence 18 (I'm a mage remember)
- Constitution 17 (I'm also a fighter)
- Wisdom 18 (For Limited Wish and Wish believe me you will need them)
*Don't emphasize so much on strength because there are items to enhance it


*** 2 Weapon Style
** Long Swords (Simply because elves get bonus to long swords and earlier on when your level is low you don't have the power to get cool items like celestial fury. There are also lots of great long swords easily found earlier in the game)

Remember you are looking at the long run. So you should be spending your proficiencies in +5 weapons in TOB. Especially in weapons that do fire, acid, ice, etc damage on every hit.

Reason: Mainly to disrupt mages with stone skins and the like. You won't have time to breach it in a heated battle.

By the End -----------------------------------------
*** 2 Weapon Style
** Long Swords (Equalizer)
** Flail (Flail of the ages +5)
** War Hammer (Crom Faeyr)
** Axe (Axe of the Unyielding +5)

My character dual wielded Crom and FOA having changed to the Equalizer on the other main hand to prevent charm, domination and confusion as and when necessary.


To the end my character had this equipment on him:
Armour: Aslyferund Elven Chain +5
Helm: Circlet of Netheril
Amulet: Amulet of Power
Rings: Ring of Gaxx, Ring of Wizardry
Cloak: Cloak of the Sewers
Boots: Boots of Speed
Belt: Belt of Inertial Barrier

Quick Item Slot: Wish Scroll, Time Stop Scroll

Robe of Vecna VS Aslyferund
Initially I used the robe but after I got the bladesinger chain I dumped the robe. The reason is simple. You need the armor class. You have to remember that you are not a kensai/mage who cannot use armor. Furthermore, your character needs a specific spell Simulacrum almost everytime when he encounters lots of enemies. Therefore it is impractical to cast Simulacrum then Spirit Armor or stone skin as you will need the Simulacrum to cast other dire spells. In TOB especially enemy mages are real assholes in that they cast dispel magic and breaches like there is no tomorrow.

Must Have Spells

Place Wish Scroll, Time Stop Scroll into your quick slot then cast Simulacrum. Imagine having your main character acting as a cannon folder while your Simulacrum cast time stop at the back. Following that have your shadow cast greater whirlwind and hack away. After the duration of the first time stop ends, switch places with your shadow (have him be the cannon folder while you cast time stop and carry on the cycle).

Time Stop
Time Stop and hack away with greater whirlwinds! Great for dragon killing.

Spell Trigger
This is the most useful spell of all. Have the trigger store Protection from Magical Weapons, Fire Shield Red, and Mislead. Then whenever you want to cast a last minute time stop or Simulacrum, first trigger the event then cast. Great when being heavily pounded.

Mordenkainen's Sword
Great ally in combat especially in numbers.

How to slay

Cast Spell Trap, Spell Shield, Protection From energy and almost no magic will hurt you as well as remove your protections thanks to spell trap.

Time Stop and hack away.

Hack away in his first form then when he changes into a dragon spell trigger first then cast time stop to hack him with greater whirlwind

Spell Trigger first then cast Simulacrum and have both of you attack him with greater whirlwind

Cast Spell Trap, Spell Shield, and Protection from energy before entering her domain. Then cast Simulacrum, Moden's Swords and attack her at once with greater whirlwinds. She will turn into a mage form twice make sure during these situations to cast a time stop not to attack her but to cast true sight, breach and ruby rays. After that you can hack again.

Very careful planning here. First of all you need one wish scroll, yes one is enough. Place it in your quick slot. Every time you battle Mellisan cast a Simulacrum then greater whirlwind her to death. Don't waste your time with time stop because she is immune to it. After you have killed her and she retreats cast a Simulacrum then have that Simulacrum cast Wish from his quick slot. Pray that you have the rest and re-memorize spells option. If not cast another and do it again. If successful you can continue to battle Mellisan without the fear of using spells.

The End

The main objective is to quickly level up as soon as possible to access time stop. Once you get there nothing can stop you. Believe it or not to the end I had a thaco of -14 in main hand and -12 in off hand thanks to Crom and FOA. Try it and hope you have fun!

Any questions please drop me an email.

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