Lots of Gold
Reputation, Charisma, & Pickpocketing

1) Character has a 20 reputation and a 21 Charisma, Ring of Human Influence CHA 18 (Circus Tent), Nymph's cloak CHA +2 (Maevar's merchant, Grond), Helm of Glory CHA +1(completing Helm temple quest)

2) Stealing with Jan using his gloves, a potion of master thievery and uping his Pick Pockets skill when he advances a level (His Pick Pockets was 130-150!!!)

Submitted By: Jason

Increase Charisma To 25

I'm not sure exactly what Charisma does for you in buying and selling and it hasn't seemed to make a big difference. However in extension of what Jason said about Charisma it's not too hard to get a 25 Cha if you have the CE:

Ring of Human Influence: Set to 18
Blade of Roses: +2
Sensate Amulet (CE): +2
Plate of Balduran (CE): +1
Nymph Cloak: +2
Total: 25

Submitted By: Nighthawk

Thievery and Fencing

This is so simple, yet so effective. First get any thief, it doesn't matter who (I used Yoshimo). Then find any merchant who buys "fenced" item (i used the guy in maevars guild hall, but there are others). Then use a couple of master thievery potions until the thiefs pick pocket skill is well over 100. Then find something valuable and sell it, steal it and sell it. Keep this process up and youll have all the money you need.

Submitted By: Phil D

Tricky, Tricky

If you are going to buy more than one piece of the same item, the amount of gold you have to pay for them is accumulated for every item you buy. So if you see a "fiend" scroll for example and there are 5 of them, you would pay a lot of money if you were about to buy all of them. But with this simple trick, you can buy as many items of the same type (as many as there are available) and only pay for one instead of the amount you selected. Select as many wares as you like (the more you buy, the more discount you will receive).

Now sell one item you have in your inventory, a gem for example (it has to be in your inventory and may not be in a bag), now you will see that the amount of gold you have to pay is decreased to the amount you would have paid for one item, even though you still have "ordered" the 5. This way you can not only save a lot of gold, but if it's an expensive ware (or many expensive wares) you can even earn "a lot" of gold if you sell the items again afterwards and then buy them again etc.

Submitted By: Stefan

Good Ol' Goreth

Goreth, the merchant in Mae'Var's Guildhall is also the only person who will buy fenced items who also *has* unlimited items.

This is the guy in the front room running the pub. Usually, you talk to him to go and see Mae'Var. Instead, do the following:
Talk to him, ask to see what he sells. Buy all of the potions of thieving. Empty out your best thief's inventory and drink three of the potions. Now talk to Goreth again, and use that thief to steal. Look for the Mace +2. Steal 16 of them, goto the buy/sell screen, and then sell them all.

You should get 500gp minimum from him per Mace +2 (I had reputation 18, so I got less money for them). You get around 8000gp total. Now repeat, steal 16 more mace +2s, and sell them back.

In 15 minutes, I raised my gold from 60,000gp to 370,000gp. Remember to do this BEFORE you take the documents back to Bloodscalp. If you do it afterwards, you can't talk to Goreth because you killed him. :o)

Submitted By: Lorean