Defeating Golems
Slay 'Em All

Golems have easy to hit armor class, the best way to kill these babies is to cleric spell slay living. First cast magical resistance with your cleric, then cast lower resist with your mage (1 or 2 times), cast greater malison. Have your cleric cast slay living. You may have to hit it a second time if it doesn't die on the first attempt.

The use of the slay living spell can also be used in almost every combat where you are facing a tough-to-beat opponoent.

Just give your cleric a girdle of strength cast the cleric spell that improves his thac0.

With this strategy, I kill dragons, demons, golems and other baddies.

Submitted By: Vidar

Dwarven Hammer

There is one item in the game that works very well vs. golems. It is the Dwarven Thrower, a throwing war hammer that returns in hand and that has a bonus vs. giants. It can be bought in Trademeet as far as I remember after you have killed Faldorn and saved the city. Once you have it, just attract an Iron Golem or an Adanamite Golem to a tight passage where they will never be able to pass(because of their size). Preferably, use a fighter with Boots of Speed to attract them. Once you entered the passage, just use your Dwarven Thrower on the golem. It will drop dead in no time and you'll get a lot of exp. This strategy also works well in Suldanesselar: there is a house at the south-eastern portion of the city that is surrounded by a tight passage. You just have to attract those adanamite golems to it and use the Dwarven Thrower(Korgan is very good at it).

Submitted By: Silviu

Lower Resistance

This strategy also requires a tight passage and the casting of the Lower Resistance spell. It is less effective than the first (above) because you will likely consume a lot of spells on the Adanamite Golems since they have a a high number of HP.

Submitted By: Silviu

Tansheron's Bow

Large golem hanging in a passage? Catch Tansheron's Bow! Tansheron's Bow can hit Adamantine and Iron Golems. You will score 1-2 HP per attack with Adamntine Golem and 3-7 HP per attack with Iron Golem. This is a sure fire strategy.

Submitted By: Radek